2 Fashion Model Sexy Boobs Bare BREAST Girl Postcards Erotic Sheer Dress

2 Fashion Model Sexy Boobs Bare BREAST Girl Postcards Erotic Sheer Dress
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2 Fashion Model Postcards Sexy Boobs Barely There Dress

A naturally sexy blonde fashion model, with a girl next store look, wears a super slinky "barely there" dress by designer Victor Alfaro. The dress, held up halter style by a thin strap around her neck, fans out in a sheer triangle to barely cover the model's lovely natural full breasts. The curves at the side of her lovely bosom are easily seen as her gossamer gown spreads only just wide enough to cover her nipples. The model's ultra long blonde hair can be seen falling straight over her back.

The same lovely fashion model is show in a lovely portrait image. Her natural beauty is enhanced by using only minimal makeup. Freckles are visible over her cheek bones and the bridge of her nose. Her soft lips are barely parted as she gazes deeply yet quietly into the camera. Her long blonde hair has been pulled back revealing an elegant neck and the delicate shape of her ear. Two thin straps from her gown can be seen as they follow the curve of her collar bone over her shoulder.

While these elegant dresses may be found at Henri Bendel and Bloomingdale's, the elusive natural beauty of our model might be harder to find.

The post cards were published by the promotional or advertising postcard (freecard) company Max Racks. They are no longer in print (OOP).

Postcard Condition: MINT

Postcard Publisher: Max Racks

Postcard Size: 4 by 6 inches (10.75 x 15.25 cm).