3 Beautiful Sexy Asian Girl Postcards Venue B&W Photos

3 Beautiful Sexy Asian Girl Postcards Venue B&W Photos
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Product Description

Beautiful Asian Girl Postcards

Here are three gorgeous black and white images of a beautiful Asian model. The featured Singapore beauty is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Each image is an outstanding example of Black and White fashion photography. They are as follows:

A wonderful portrait of our model sitting at a table in a restaurant (a small image on the reverse of the card shows the full scene). She is wearing a plunging halter top black gown which reveals the smooth curves and flawless skin of her bare shoulders. Her long black hair is pulled back and she has lifted her beautiful hand to her cheek.

Out lovely elegantly dressed young beauty slides up to a bar for a cocktail. She is wearing a short backless cocktail dress. As she sits on the stool her dress slides up to reveal a lovely smooth thigh. She is glancing over her shoulder. Her long hair is loose and cascades in soft waves over her bare back.

Or model sits at a café. She wears a funky hat and black top and large hoop earrings. She softly closes her eyes and readies her full red lips for a kiss.

Each sexy postcard was published in Singapore by ZoCard a freecard promotional postcard company. The cards are no longer in print. OOP.

Postcard Condition: Mint

Postcard Publisher: ZoCard

Postcard Size: 4 1/8 by 5 7/8 inches (10.50 x 15 cm).