3 EDDIE IZZARD EDDY IZARD British Comedian Postcards

3 EDDIE IZZARD EDDY IZARD British Comedian Postcards
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Eddie Izzard Postcards

Eddie Izzard - Action Transvestite, Boy racer and male tomboy - is also Britain's best stand-up comedian. His stream-of-consciousness world of cats who wear pants on their heads, French lessons gone wrong and Bible stories starring James Mason and Sean Connery have made him an international comedy star in countries where other comics fear to even try to pronounce things.

Eddie is the subject of these three promotional postcard. The first card advertises Eddie's DVD Dress to Kill a multi Emmy Award winning HBO broadcast of his West Coast debut.

The second card is for Circle, which will be in stores on September 23, 2003.

The cards were published by the Go Card a promotional postcard or Freecard company.

Postcard Condition: Mint

Postcard Publisher: Go Card

Postcard Size: 4 1/4 by 6 inches (10.75 x 15.25 cm).

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