3 Sexy Asian Girl Women Panties Butt NUDE Postcards

3 Sexy Asian Girl Women Panties Butt NUDE Postcards
Item# 00223-3

Product Description


This great set of postcards was published to advertise the New York City Music and Video stores named Disc-O-Rama. The cards are as follows:

A Portrait of a pretty Asian girl in profile. Her shoulder is bare and her long hair falls softly around her face and over her back.

A pretty Asian model lies on her belly wearing a black bikini bra and panty. The card has a red, pinkish hue like it is from the red light district or massage pallor. You can see the cleavage of her breasts and the shape of both cheeks of her butt. In the background it says DiscORama Moscow New York in a pink neon sign. On the reverse it also has a small black and white image of the same pretty Asian model wearing a t-shirt.

A nude Asian woman lies under a white sheet. Her long black hair is spread out in a fan of silky strands. The sheet is pulled up to just cover her naked breasts.

The cards were published by Go Card and Hotstamp promotional postcard or freecard companies.

Postcard Condition: Mint

Postcard Size: 4 1/4 by 6 inches (10.75 x 15.25 cm).