4 Rare SEXY Legs Breasts Woman Couple Busty Girl ADRIANA LIMA Perfume Postcards

4 Rare SEXY Legs Breasts Woman Couple Busty Girl ADRIANA LIMA Perfume Postcards
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Product Description

Adriana Lima Postcards

Beautiful Victoria's Secret Catalog model Adriana Lima is the star in each of these four sexy Belgian postcards for Emporia Armani Parfums. The beautiful Brazilian supermodel poses with a male model and wears at most a white bikini bottom and a simple white cotton top.

In the first image Adriana is standing in front of a bare chested man. Her bikini clad bottom is pressed against his pelvis. She has one hand gripping his thigh and the other, fingers intertwined, holding his hand above her shoulder. Her eyes are shut as she turns her head to rest on his shoulder. She is wearing just a thin white breast revealing top and a white bikini panty. A bottle of perfume is tucked into the waist band of her panties.

In the second image, Adriana lies on top of the male model. He is propped up on his elbow. She rests her head against his chest. Several sexy wet tendrils of her long brunette hair lie across his chest. She is wearing a wet white racer back t-shirt and he is also in a wet T. Both are holding cologne bottles in their hands.

There is something primal about a beautiful wet Brazilian belly! The third postcard features a stirring close up of Adriana's sexy torso. She is visible from the start of her lovely neck to the middle of her smooth tanned thighs. She lightly embraces a man's neck, holding his chin against the soft expectation of the beginning of her breast. Adriana is wearing a wet spaghetti strap tank top and white bikini panty.

Picture this. Adriana Lima wraps her long legs around your waist. Her thick wet brunette hair takes on the texture of silk as it falls softly over her cheek and shoulder. You support her weight by her smooth firm thighs in your hands. Your eyes greet a vision of this sultry beauty with down cast eyes and firm full breasts revealed through the transparent fabric of her top. Now take a look at this final postcard and you are there. Can you believe that guy probably got paid to do these photos?!

All four cards have a wonderfully vibrant glossy finish. They are in excellent uncirculated condition.

Postcard Condition: Mint

Postcard Publisher: Boomerang

Postcard Size: 4 1/8 by 5 7/8 inches (10.50 x 15 cm).