4 Sexy BUTT Beautiful NUDE GIRL Postcards goes Topless Sensual Bare Breast

4 Sexy BUTT Beautiful NUDE GIRL Postcards goes Topless Sensual Bare Breast
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Product Description

4 Sexy L'Oreal Paris French Nudes Postcards

Titled "Body Expertise", this sexy series of post cards was published as a promotion for L'Oreal Paris. Each features a sensual photo of a beautiful brunette model in different degrees of Nudity. Each card is for a different L'Oreal skin product. The images are as follows.

The nude model sitting down with her breasts falling naturally so that they rest on the top of her bare thighs. The photograph is oriented on its side on the postcard so it appears she is bending over at the waist with her hands on her ankles. Very Sexy!

The model standing with the sensual profile of her back to the viewer. Her bare back is visible until just before it curves into her buttocks. She has her left arm across her chest to cover her breasts. Strands of her long hair gently fall over her back in soft curls.

The model is sitting on the floor, both legs bent at the knee. Her left thigh is raised to her chest and her right leg is pulled under. She appears to be wearing a white bikini top. Her arm position appears to be hiding the fact that she is not wearing a panty.

A beautiful butt shot. The model is wearing a white panty of bikini bottom. Her hands reach back to touch the backs of her upper thigh. The firm cheeks of her shapely bottom are discernible through the thin material of her panty.

Each card is in MINT condition. They were publish in France and are out of print (OOP).

Postcard Condition: MINT

Postcard Size: 4 1/8 by 5 7/8 inches (10.50 x 15 cm).