Great 4 Austin Mini Postcards TV Theme Evel Knievel Partridge Family

Great 4 Austin Mini Postcards TV Theme Evel Knievel Partridge Family
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Product Description

4 Mini Postcards

Mini, Formerly Austin Mini is now a division of BMW. They created a great ad campaign for their redesign of one of the most loved cars in the world! Each of these promotional postcards features an iconographic paint scheme on their sexy little car. Each is reminiscent of a seventies era vehicle.

The first is old number one from The Dukes of Hazzard. The second is a four wheel version of Evel Knievel's motorcycle. The Fourth duplicates the Starsky and Hutch Grand Tourino paint scheme. Go David Sole! The fourth is modeled after the op art inspired bus driven by David Cassidy and the gang in The Partridge Family television series. Each card comes with it own cute ad copy on the back of the card.

The Dukes of Hazzard Mini - Let's Jump In Through the Window. Let's slide across the hood. Let's Bo and Luke it. Let's Daisy Duke it. Let's install the loudest Dixie horn in Hazzard County. But seriously folks, let's try to keep them wheels on the ground. LET"S MOTOR.

Evel Knievel Mini - Let's Build a Car for Evel Knievel. Let's paint it red, white and blue. Let's put a big number one on the door. Let's prepare for takeoff. Let's jump the rules. Let's jump the status quo. Let's jump SUV's. Literally. LET"S MOTOR:

Starsky and Hutch Mini - Let's Go Undercover. Let's go on a stakeout. Let's throw a siren on the roof. Let's squeal the tires and chase some bad guys. Let's take turns behind the wheel. Let's be sure we watch each other's backs. LET'S MOTOR."

The Partridge Family Mini - Let's Get Happy, C'mon. Let's start a band. Let's hang out in the Garage. Let's toss our drum kit in the back. Let's run away from groupies. Let's remember that the family who plays together, stays together. LET'S MOTOR."

All postcards were published by the Go Card promotional postcard or freecard company.

Postcard Condition: Mint

Postcard Publisher: Go Card

Postcard Size: 4 1/4 by 6 inches (10.75 x 15.25 cm).