Alberto Vargas (1896 1982)

Alberto Vargas was born in Peru in 1896. He emigrated to America in 1916 and had a successful career as an illustrator including work for the Ziegfeld Follies. His beautiful images were created using both the airbrush and painting. His works have also appeared in many other publications and calendars including the famous Hugh Hefner publication.

The Varga Girl was introduced to the world in the 1940's by Esquire magazine when they hired Alberto Vargas in 1941 as a replacement for George Petty another famous pin-up artist. Esquire simplified his last name from Vargas to Varga for his artwork in the magazine and the Varga Girl was born!

This five year relationship made Alberto Vargas the most famous Pinup-Up artist of all time. His works was loved by millions of men and especially the GI's then fighting in World War Two. His images were seen copied on aviation nose art on many a WWII Warbird.

Alberto Vargas was married to the same woman for 44 years. After her death in 1974 he lost his passion for painting. His most recent famous work was the cover of The Cars album Candy-O for which he came out of retirement. Alberto Vargas died on December 30, 1982