Bare BREAST CLEAVAGE ALEK WEK Black Girl Woman Postcard

Bare BREAST CLEAVAGE ALEK WEK Black Girl Woman Postcard
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Product Description

Alek Wek Postcard

The beautiful black model Alek Wek is featured in a great color photograph. Alek stands wearing a white jacket with no blouse underneath. This gives the viewer a sexy view of the side of her breast. Her warm black skin is beautifully contrasted with the white jacket and background.

The image was part of a Dutch advertising campaign for Elle Magazine.

(Unfortunately my scanner had a had time picking up the details and subtle skin tones of the photos).

Born in Southern Sudan, Alek was raised as part of the Dinka tribe. At fourteen the civil war forced her to flee to London with her younger sister, where they waited two years to be joined by their mother and three more of their eight siblings. It was in London, while attending school for art and design, that Alek was discovered.

Postcard Condition: Mint

Postcard Publisher: Boomerang

Postcard Size: 4 1/8 by 5 7/8 inches (10.50 x 15 cm).