Busty Girl Erotic Pin-Up Postcard HAMPTON Long Island

Busty Girl Erotic Pin-Up Postcard HAMPTON Long Island
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Olive OIL, Can you believe it! Sex can sell anything I guess.

This sexy postcard, titled "Hamptoms" features a lovely blonde model named Susan. She is wearing a interesting blue swimsuit. She is standing on a beach with the word HAMPTONS written in the sand.

This beautiful image is part of a series created by artist Guy Powers for Tosca Olive Oil. Powers is the pinup artist of the 21st century who's show in a Soho, New York City gallery was a smash success. These wonderful and sexy images are destined to be very collectable far beyond normal postcard images. Imagine a vintage Alberto Vargas image and you get the idea.

The postcard was published in 2002 by the Max Racks company (m@x Racks).

Postcard Condition: MINT

Postcard Publisher: Max Racks

Postcard Size: 4 by 6 inches (10.75 x 15.25 cm).