Exotic Dancing Postcard - Sexy Stripper

Exotic Dancing Postcard - Sexy Stripper
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Product Description

Sexy Art of Exotic Dancing for Women Postcard

A sexy blonde with a skimpy halter top invites you to learn the Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women. A provocative set of classes, books and videos are all available at the advertised web site.

On the reverse it says…

Exotic dancing is much more than dancing sexy, so come exercise your sex appeal. Come gain the confidence to express your authentic self. This class is about finding you. It’s learning how to reach deep within yourself to find your ineer beauty and grace and combine these into sensual movements that only you can express. You will reconnect to your creative self through movement. The non-intimidating style of the class helps you to overcome inhibitions and fosters your confidence and self expression. … “

The post card was published by m@x racks (max racks) postcard advertising or freecard company.

Sexy Postcard Condition: MINT

Sexy Postcard Size: 4 1/4 by 6 inches (10.75 x 15.25 cm).