Femme Fatale - Sexy Movie Postcard

Femme Fatale - Sexy Movie Postcard
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Femme Fatale - Beautiful Seductress Postcard

The is a promotion postcard for Femme Fatale, a film by Khadijah Caturani, playing at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. It features a sexy portrait of the lead actress dressed in a Chinese silk dress. The image is in black and white except for her sexy red lips.

Femme Fatale takes us on a trip into a surreal, where we meet Veronica, a lipstick-lesbian seductress who can close a deal with a lick of her lips and Colin, the alpha-male boss who can't wait to be promoted so he can finally make good on Veronica's flirtatious cues. This movie dares to ask: Which has really gotten women up the corporate ladder, feminism or feminine wiles?

Sexy Postcard Condition: MINT Sexy Postcard Size: 4 by 6 inches (10 x 15.25 cm).