Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1

S1-20 Double Trouble Duel, Part 2

Season 1-20 – Double Trouble Duel, Part 2

“Fusion of Three Gods! Gate Guardian”
(三神合体! ゲート·ガーディアン)
Aired Japan: September 9, 2000
Aired USA: Mar 16, 2002

ScreenShot: Double Trouble Duel, Part 2 The double duel between Yugi and Joey versus Para and Dox continues. Yugi and Joey try to keep the Celtic Guardian, Flame Swordsman, Axe Raider and Dark Magician in a solid group, but Para plays Magical Labyrinth and Joey’s monsters are cut off from Yugi’s. Axe Raider accidentally triggers Dox’s Jirai-Gumo and it destroys it. Yugi counters by playing Mystic Box on the Dark Magician, causing the Jirai-Gumo to be captured and switch places with the Dark Magician. Then Yugi destroys the Labyrinth Tank. Meanwhile, Kaiba is searching for Mokuba and captured Kimo, Pegasus’ guard that captured Mokuba earlier, so he could enter the castle.

ScreenShot: Double Trouble Duel, Part 2 Back at the duel, Para plays Saga of Thunder, the top part of the Trinity Gate Guardian. Joey then advances his Flame Swordsman again. Next, Dox plays Shujin and activates his Dungeon Worm in combination with Ingrovation, allowing it to destroy the powered-up Celtic Guardian, dropping Yugi’s life points to 800. Yugi uses his Magical Hats to hide the Dark Magician and Flame Swordsman. Para plays the Monster Tamer to control the Dungeon Worm and have it attack a hat, but the hat was empty. Joey then lets his Flame Swordsman attack the Dungeon Worm along with Salamandra, taking away the bonus the Worm got from the Monster Tamer. Then Dox played Kanejin and the Trinity Gate Guardian was formed! Meanwhile, Kimo activated the alarm and Seto races off the find Mokuba. At the duel, Yuig lays two cards face down and ends his turn. Then the Gate Guardian attacks the Flame Swordsman.


Double Trouble Duel, Part 2 screenshot

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