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S2-63 Playing With a Parasite, Part 1

Season 2-63 – Playing With a Parasite, Part 1

Aired USA: Feb 15, 2003

ScreenShot: Playing With a Parasite (1) Joey runs to meet up with Yugi and Mai. Joey and Mai do a hi-five, and Mai asks Joey if he’s still in the tournament. Joey says, “You bet”, and holds out his two locater cards. Mai already has four locater cards, and Yugi has three. Joey sighs since he has the least amount. Yugi tells him that there’s still plenty of time to collect enough locater cards. Because none of them are going to the finals by just standing around, they decide to take their leave. Yugi knows that another Rare Hunter is after him, so he’ll be ready when that time comes. Marik’s Rare Hunter, The Quiet One, is already close by, and Marik is able to see every move Yugi makes through the eyes of the Quiet One.

Tristan and Téa have just been told my Grandpa that Yugi took off already to duel. Téa blames Tristan because he was on the phone too long. Tristan states that he had an important call to make, but Téa knows that he was just flirting with Serenity. At this rate, they’ll never be able to watch Yugi duel. Grandpa offers to help them find Yugi.

Meanwhile, Joey is walking down the streets looking for some duelists. He needs four more locator cards to make it into the finals. Suddenly, a boy walks up to Joey and asks him for his autograph. Joey is pleased and asks who he should make it out to. The boy says his sister Jessica, who has a big crush on Joey. While Joey is writing the autograph, the boy asks if he can try on Joey’s duel disk. Joey hesistates for a moment, but then allows him to try it on. Joey turns his back for a moment, but when he looks back, he sees the kid running off with it.

Tristan, Téa and Grandpa are standing on a bridge. From there, they have a nice view of the city, so it should be easy for them to spot Yugi. However, they hear some screaming. Grandpa thinks it’s just some youngsters playing tag, but they see a kid running off with a duel disk, and Joey is chasing him. Tristan comes to the rescue and stops the kid. The kid apologizes and states that someone stole his deck, so he had no way of entering the tournament. So because his deck was stolen, he decided to steal Joey’s. Grandpa tells the kid that cheating is no way of become a good duelist, and he apologizes again. Joey asks who stole his deck. The kid describes him as having bug eyes and a head like a blue beetle. They all assume it’s Weevil Underwood. Joey wants to teach Weevil a lesson. The kid tells them where Weevil is at, and then Tristan, Joey, Téa, and Grandpa leave.

The kid runs down an alley and meets up with Weevil. The kid tells Weevil that he succeeded with their plan. He asks for the rare card that Weevil promised him, but all Weevil gives him is a common card. The kid doesn’t like it and asks for something else. So Weevil takes out his web gun and squirts some goo onto the kid. Weevil laughs and states that his plan is working perfectly. Yugi might have defeated him in Duelist Kingdom, but after the trap he set, Joey won’t stand a chance against him.

At the hospital, Serenity hears the door squeak. The nurse calls out, “Kenta, you can’t hide from me.” She opens the door and asks Serenity if she heard anyone come in the room. Serenity replies with a no. The nurse says that the boy is trying to avoid getting his X-rays taken. Serenity thinks that he must be scared. The nurse agrees even though the X-rays are painless. When the nurse leaves, Serenity tells the boy that he can come out now. The boy is surprised that she knew he was there. Serenity says that he could hear him breathing under the bed. Serenity tells him that the tests aren’t as bad as you think. The boy thanks Serenity and asks if he could do anything to pay her back. Serenity tells the boy to check out the Battle City website for her because her brother is a duelist.

Joey and the gang try to spot Weevil. Weevil soon comes out in the opening, and he is immediately accused of stealing the kid’s cards. Weevil, however, doesn’t remember stealing anything. So Joey decides to settle the situation with a duel. Téa warns Joey about the time when Weevil through Yugi’s Exodia cards into the ocean. He’s a major cheater and not to be trusted. Weevil agrees to the duel, but they will duel for two locator cards. Tristan and Téa think that it’s way too risky, but Joey agrees with the duel. He knows that Yugi squashed him at Duelist Kingdom, so he can easily beat him now. Joey and Weevil activate their duel disks, and the duel begins.

Joey decides to go first. He plays Swordsman of Landstar in attack mode and then sets one card face down. It’s Weevil’s turn now, and he summons Flying Kamakiri #1. With 1400 attack points, it can easily destroy Joey’s monster. So Weevil calls out an attack, but Joey activates his face down card, Shield and Sword. This switches both monster’s attack points with their defense points. Now Swordsman of Landstar has higher attack points, and it easily destroys Weevil’s monster. However, when Flying Kamakiri #1 is destroyed, Flying Kamakiri #2 can automatically be summoned.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, the kid finds Joey’s name in the list of duels. He sees that Joey is dueling Weevil, the Regional Champion. Serenity tells him not to be so worried, since her brother came in 2nd place at Duelist Kingdom.

Back at the duel, Joey draws Jinzo. So he sacrifices his Swordsman of Landstar in order to play it. Jinzo easily destroys Weevil’s monster, bringing his score down to 2800. Weevil grunts. It’s his turn now, and he summons a monster in face down defense. Joey has Jinzo attack Weevil’s face down monster. However, Weevil’s monster happens to be Flying Leech, an insect monster that attaches itself to the monster that attacks it. As long as Flying Leech is on the field, Weevil’s life points increases by 1200 every turn. Weevil tells Joey that he has a lot to learn about the insect world. With that, he sets another monster in defense. Now it’s Joey’s turn, and Weevil’s life points increase to 4000. Even though Jinzo has a leech on him, it can still attack. So Joey orders an attack on Weevil’s defense monster. The monster is Skull-Marked Ladybug, and it increases Weevil’s life points by another 500. Weevil laughs. Grandpa states that insect cards can be very tricky. It’s Weevil’s turn again, and he sets another monster in defense. With that, he ends his turn, and gains another 1200 life points, bringing his score up to 5700.

ScreenShot: Playing With a Parasite (1)Back at the hospital, the kid continues to monitor Joey’s duel. He tells Serenity that Joey could be in trouble. Serenity tells him that Joey has been in tough situations before, and all he needs to do is believe in himself.

Joey draws a card. He summons Panther Warrior in attack mode. Because Panther Warrior needs a sacrifice in order to attack, he’ll sacrifice Jinzo and destroy Weevil’s leech. Panther Warrior successfully destroys Weevil’s face down monster. With the leech gone, Weevil’s life points cannot gain any more life points from it. Weevil states that it’s time to get serious. He’s just been going easy on Joey until this moment when he’ll unleash his ultimate destroyer. So Weevil summons Larvae Moth. Joey recognizes that card as the monster that almost beat Yugi. Weevil is glad to see that Joey remembers it. Weevil also summons his Cocoon of Evolution, which wraps itself over Larvae Moth. Weevil explains that in five turns, Cocoon of Evolution will transform his Larvae Moth into a more powerful monster.

The kid reports to Serenity that Weevil just combined some of the most powerful duel monster cards out there. If Joey is really that good, then it’s time for Joey to prove it.

Weevil isn’t done with Joey yet. Weevil tells Joey that there’s already a parasite living inside his deck. Joey thinks Weevil is out of his mind, but Weevil plays the Magic card, Reckless Parasite. Joey knows he doesn’t have any insect cards, but suddenly Parasite Paracide pops out of Joey’s deck. Weevil tells Joey that every monster that he plays will be infected. Joey wonders how he got that insect card in his deck. He suddenly recalls the kid stealing his duel disk and assumes that the kid placed it in his deck. Tristan accuses Weevil of being a cheater, but Weevil simply says that it’s not his fault Joey did not examine his deck before dueling. So Weevil places one card face down and ends his turn.

Joey states that even though his Panther Warrior is infected, he can still attack with it. Weevil explains to him that every monster that Joey summons is infected by the Parasite card, and any monster that is infected cannot be sacrificed. Joey summons Tiny Guardian to the field. It immediately becomes infected by the Paraiste card. However, Joey is still able to attack with it. So Joey calls out an attack to Weevil’s Cocoon of Evolution. Weevil realizes that he forgot to switch his Cocoon to defense mode, so it has 0 attack points. However, Weevil has a backup plan. He activates his Insect Barrier Magic card which repels all insect attacks. Because Joey’s monster are infected by the Parasite, they are all treated as insects. So Joey can’t attack. Tristan tells Joey that he has to beat Weevil in order to stay in the tournament, and Grandpa says that there may be a way to turn Weevil’s tricks against him. Weevil thinks it’s all hopeless. In four turns, his new monster will arise and defeat Joey.

The kid reports to Serenity the status of the duel. He tells her that Joey still has four turns to do something before Weevil’s new monster is summoned. However, when that happens, it will take a miracle for Joey to win.

It’s Weevil’s turn now, and he draws a card. While he waits for his new monster, he decides to weaken Joey’s life points. He summons Leghul in attack mode. It attacks Joey directly, bringing his life points down to 3700. Joey wonders how Weevil did that, since he still has monsters on the field. Weevil explains that his Leghul is able to bypass all of Joey’s monsters. When Joey’s turn comes, he switches all of his monsters into defense mode and then ends his turn. Three more turns until Weevil’s Great Moth is born. Until that time comes, Weevil has his monster attack Joey directly again. Now Joey has 3400 life points. Two more turns pass, and since Joey cannot do anything, Weevil’s monster attacks Joey’s life points again and again. Now Joey has 3100 life points left.

ScreenShot: Playing With a Parasite (1)Tristan tells Weevil to shut up, but Joey tells Tristan to remain cool. Joey remembers the time when Yugi was dueling the Rare Hunter. Even though the odds were against Yugi, Yugi was still able to pull through. So Joey thinks that he still has a chance to win. He draws a card and summons Alligator Sword in defense mode. Then Joey places one card face down. Alligator Sword is also infected by the Parasite, but Joey doesn’t mind. He’s all prepared for Weevil’s Great Moth! Now that five turns has passed, it’s time for Great Moth to be born. He slowly hatches from the Cocoon. When it emerges, it faces Joey with an attack strength of 3500. Weevil laughs, stating that it’s all over for Joey.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Swordsman of Landstar – 500/1200
Shield and Sword – Magic
Jinzo – 2400/1500
Panther Warrior – 2000/1600
Parasite Paracide – 500/300
Tiny Guardian – 1400/1800
Alligator Sword – 1500/1200

Flying Kamakiri #1 – 1400/900
Flying Kamakiri #1 – 1500/800
Flying Leech – 300/800
Skull-Marked Ladybug – 500/1500
Larvae Moth – 500/400
Cocoon of Evolution – 0/2000
Reckless Parasite – Magic
Insect Barrier – Magic
Leghul – 300/500
Great Moth – 3500/3000


 Playing with a Parasite, Part 1

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