Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-67 Mime Control, Part 3

Season 2-67 – Mime Control, Part 3

“To Defeat a God! The Ultimate Infinite Loop”
(神を越えろ! 究極の無限ループ)
Aired Japan: August 7, 2001
Aired USA: Mar 15, 2003

ScreenShot: Mime Control (3) Kaiba orders Yugi to take down Marik’s Egyptian God card and prove his reputation, unless his victory at Duelist Kingdom was just a fluke. Yugi assures Kaiba that he will find a way to take down Slifer the Sky Dragon. Marik tells Kaiba that once he has destroyed Yugi, he plans on coming after Kaiba for Obelisk the Tormentor. Kaiba says that his threats don’t scare him. Strings has 3000 life points and Yugi has 2100, so the duel continues.

Yugi looks at his hand. He knows that Slifer’s attack strength is at 10000, and none of his monsters even come close to that. Yugi draws a card, which happens to be Monster Reborn. Thinking that it may be useful, Yugi sets Monster Reborn face down on the field. Then he summons Big Shield Gardna in defense. Marik reminds Yugi that Slifer’s ability activates. Its second mouth reduces Big Shield Gardna’s defense by 2000 points. Mokuba says, “Yugi won’t last much longer.” Kaiba just hopes Yugi can last long enough so he can learn about Slifer’s weakness and then add it to his deck. Big Shield Gardna now only has 600 defense points. As soon as Slifer destroys Big Shield Gardna, Yugi will be defenseless again.

Strings’ turn comes once again, and he draws a card. Slifer the Sky Dragon’s attack strength now goes up to 11000, since Strings is holding 11 cards in his hand. Mokuba is amazed at Slifer’s strength. It has over three times the power Blue-Eyes White Dragon has. Kaiba agrees and says that as long as Infinite Cards is in play, Slifer’s power will keep growing. Suddenly, Kaiba thinks there is a limit because Slifer’s power depends on how many cards the player has in his deck. Kaiba smiles, since he now knows that Slifer the Sky Dragon has one fatal flaw. Now it’s up to Yugi to figure it out.

Marik tells Slifer to destroy Yugi’s monster. Now that Yugi’s last line of defense is gone, he’ll lose the next time Silfer attacks! Yugi sighs because the more cards Strings draws, the stronger Slifer gets. Suddenly, the answer hits Yugi. He will make Slifer destroy itself! Mokuba wonders what Yugi means. Marik says that an Egyptian God card cannot be controlled, and Yugi replies, “We’ll see.” Yugi tells Marik that Marik may not know all about the Egyptian God cards. Marik begins to get angry with Yugi’s threats. Mokuba wonders what’s going on, and Kaiba tells him that Slifer’s strength is also its weakness.

Yugi tells himself that he must draw the right card, or else Slifer will crush him. He believes in the heart of the cards and draws. Yugi is happy with what he drew and holds his card up high in the air. He states that he drew the perfect card that will take Marik down. Firstly, Yugi plays his face down card, Monster Reborn. He uses the card to revive his Buster Blader. Yugi summons this monster in attack mode. Marik says Yugi’s move is completely thoughtless. With Buster Blader in attack mode, Slifer will be able to wipe out the rest of Yugi’s life points. Yugi is relying on his Buster Blader to win the duel for him. Marik thinks winning the Millennium Puzzle was even a simpler task than he imagined. He reminds Yugi of his five-card combo. Since Yugi special summoned his monster, Strings is able to draw three more cards, increasing Slifer’s strength to 14000. Then Slifer’s ability activates, reducing Buster Blader’s strength to 1100. One more attack from Slifer, and Marik wins!

Marik tells Yugi to prepare to surrender over his puzzle. In his next turn, Slifer will attack and Yugi’s life points will go to 0. Yugi tells Marik that there won’t be a next turn. Once Buster Blader attacks, Marik will be the one who will be defeated! Yugi calls out his attack and Buster Blader heads towards Slifer. Marik reminds Yugi that his Revival Jam blocks all attacks, so Revival Jam cuts in and takes the blow. As soon as Revival Jam revives itself, Yugi plays his final card, Brain Control. Mokuba thinks he understands Yugi’s plan. Yugi must want to control Slifer the Sky Dragon, but Mokuba thinks Slifer is too strong to be controlled. Marik states that all Magic cards won’t work on Slifer. Yugi smiles and states that he’s after Revival Jam. So Revival Jam revives itself on Yugi’s side of the field. Since Revival Jam was special summoned to the field again, Strings can draw three cards, increasing Slifer’s attack to 17000.

Mime Control, Part 3 Infinite loopMarik says it’s all over now, and he tells Slifer to attack Buster Blader. However, Yugi stops his move. Yugi states that Slifer’s second ability must activate first, since Revival Jam was summoned. So Slifer must use its second mouth to destroy Revival Jam. Slifer destroys Revival Jam once again, but Revival Jam revives itself, forcing Strings to draw three cards. A never-ending cycle is formed: Slifer attacks, Revival Jam revives itself, and Strings draws three cards. Marik realizes that he is trapped. There’s no way out. Yugi says that as soon as Marik runs out of cards to draw, the duel is over. After awhile, Strings runs out of cards to draw, and Yugi wins. Yugi has used Slifer’s own ability to his advantage. Marik is furious that he lost. He exclaims to Yugi to enjoy his victory because he holds a much more powerful Egyptian God card, one that will destroy Yugi in the future.

Mokuba cheers for Yugi’s victory. He runs over to Strings. He orders Strings to hand over his Egyptian God card, but Strings does not respond. Mokuba finds the card on the ground and picks it up. He hands Slifer the Sky Dragon and Strings’ locater card to Yugi. Mokuba tells Yugi not to get too attached to it because Kaiba has his eye on the card too. Kaiba walks over to Yugi and congratulates Yugi for his win. He tells Yugi to enjoy Slifer for now because he won’t have it for too long. Kaiba challenges Yugi to a duel right now. He says that he already has one Egyptian God card and plans on adding the rest to his deck.

ScreenShot: Mime Control (3)Suddenly, Marik takes control of Strings once again. Yugi tells Marik that he’s had enough of his games and orders Marik to show himself. Marik tells Yugi not to worry, as he will make his appearance sooner than he thinks. As soon as Marik arrives at Battle City, the second phase to his plan will begin. He says that his Rare Hunters are all over the city. He can see everything in the city and is always searching for new minds to control. Meanwhile, Joey, Tristan, Téa, and Grandpa are discussing Joey’s challenge with Kaiba. Joey says that he was so close to defeating Kaiba in a duel. Téa asks him why he looked so relieved when Kaiba left. Marik is already spying on Joey’s friends. He asks Yugi which one of his friends he should control. Yugi orders Marik to leave them alone. Marik thinks he’s hit Yugi’s soft spot. He might be able to use Yugi’s friends to get what he wants, mainly the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi’s temper rises and he orders Marik to leave them alone. Marik ignores Yugi’s remarks and continues to taunt him about his friends.

Strings suddenly collapses to the ground. Yugi knows that he must make sure his friends are safe, so he runs off. Kaiba tells Yugi to stop. Yugi says that their duel will have to wait. He first must make sure his friends are safe. Mokuba says, “Good luck.” Meanwhile, Marik has finally arrived at Battle City. Yugi may have won Slifer the Sky Dragon, but with his Millennium Rod and Yugi’s friends, he will eventually get what he wants. An image of Joey appears on Marik’s Millennium Rod. Yugi knows that Marik will be after his friends, so he starts searching Battle City for them. Marik hops on his motorcycle to begin the next phase of his plan.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Big Shield Gardna – 100/2600
Monster Reborn – Magic
Buster Blader – 2600/2300
Brain Control – Magic

Slifer the Sky Dragon – X000/X000
Revival Jam – 1500/500
Jam Defender – Trap
Card of Safe Return – Magic
Infinite Cards – Magic


Mime Control, Part 3

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