Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-76 Friends ‘Til the End, Part 2

Season 2-76 – Friends ‘Til the End, Part 2

“Awaken! Red-Eyes Black Dragon of Friendship”
Aired Japan: October 9, 2001
Aired USA: June 21, 2003

ScreenShot: 76: Friends 'Til the End (2) The duel between Yugi and Joey continues. Joey has already depleted more than half of Yugi’s life points. One more attack and he’s finished. The anchor will drop, plunging Yugi deep into the sea. Yugi tells Marik that he will not get away with this. He knows that the real Joey is in there somewhere, and he plans to set him free. Marik says that he is in control of Joey, so there is no way that Joey can be set free. He tells Joey to destroy his best friend so that he can rule as the Pharaoh. Yugi says, “I don’t think so.” Joey tells Yugi to make his move. It’s not like it matters because none of Yugi’s monsters are strong enough to beat Alligator Sword.

Téa tries to tell Joey to snap out of it because they are his friends. As soon as Téa shouts those words out, little Yugi gets an idea. He thinks he knows a way to break into the real Joey and get him back, but it would require him to step in the Pharaoh’s place in the duel. Little Yugi says that he and Joey have been so close together. He recalls back the time where Joey and Tristan helped rescue him from the fire. Joey and Tristan risked their lives for him, and so little Yugi wants to do the same. Yami says that it’s very dangerous. Yugi knows but he can’t let that stop him! He has to do whatever it takes to rescue Joey from Marik’s control. Yami decides to let Yugi take control of the duel now, since Yugi feels so strongly about it. The two of them switch places, and little Yugi appears.

Marik is furious that Yugi switched places with Yami. He wants to defeat the Pharaoh himself, not a little runt. However, Marik decides to take back his words. Now that little Yugi is dueling, he can win the duel with ease and still take the Millennium Puzzle and Slifer the Sky Dragon. It’s Yugi’s turn now. Yami whispers to Yugi that Joey and Téa are counting on him to win, and he will as long as he believes in the heart of the cards. Yugi draws and puts all of his faith in the card. When he looks at the card, he sees that he has drawn Red-Eyes Black Dragon. This is Yugi’s only chance to free Joey from Marik’s control!

Meanwhile, the Rare Hunters continue to chase Tristan and Serenity. Tristan runs across a bridge, but he finds a Rare Hunter waiting for him at the other end of it. The other two Rare Hunters block the other end of the bridge, leaving Tristan and Serenity trapped in the middle. The three Rare Hunters begin to walk closer and closer to Tristan and Serenity. Tristan refuses to give in, so the Rare Hunters decide to make things harder for them. One of the Rare Hunters aims a punch at Tristan, but suddenly, a dye hits one of the Rare Hunters in the forehead. Everyone turns around, and they see a familiar face at the end of the bridge. Tristan immediately recognizes him as Duke Devlin, the Dungeon Dice Monsters guy. Duke throws two more dice at the other Rare Hunters. Stunned, the Rare Hunters can’t move, so Tristan and Serenity escape with Duke.

Yugi is glad that he has drawn Red-Eyes Black Dragon. There might be a chance to save Joey after all! Yami tells Yugi that he must play the card wisely. Yugi agrees. After all, it is Joey’s favorite card, and it is bound to make Joey remember something. As soon as he plays the card, Joey will hopefully be set free. Yugi tells himself that he needs two monsters to sacrifice in order to summon Red-Eyes to the field. Luckily he has Big Shield Gardna and Kuriboh on the field to sacrifice. However, before Yugi can make his move, Yami warns Yugi to be careful. Marik might have a trap set, and summoning Red-Eyes now could be a mistake. Yugi agrees with Yami. But there is another card in Yugi’s hand that might do the trick. It’s Exchange, and Yugi could use it to show Joey the card, which hopefully will trigger Joey’s memory. However, that could be a bigger mistake! Yugi isn’t sure what to do right now. Kaiba tells himself that it’s time for Yugi to either sink or swim, quite literally. Téa says that there just has to be a way to get through to Joey. He’s their friend, and they have always promised to help each other. Téa tries to get Joey to remember their friendship bond. Yugi knows Téa is right. He needs to be there for Joey, just like how Joey was there for him.

Yugi continues his move by playing the Magic card, Exchange. Kaiba wonders what Yugi was thinking! Exchange allows Joey to take any card from Yugi’s hand. Marik says that Yugi must be desperate to play such a card. Joey walks over to Yugi’s side of the field, and Yugi shows Joey his hand. The real Joey immediately recognizes Red-Eyes Black Dragon, but before the real Joey can do anything, Marik overpowers his mind. However, the real Joey tries to fight Marik’s control. The real Joey knows that Yugi needs that card. That’s why he gave it to him. Marik is getting frustrated and tells Joey that he has no mind of his own. He wants Joey to take Yugi’s Red-Eyes, but Joey keeps on resisting. Yami thinks that their plan is working. Eventually, Joey picks a card from Yugi’s hand. But it’s not Red-Eyes Black Dragon. It’s Card Destruction! Marik is angry that Joey did not take Red-Eyes, but he is still confident that Joey’s deck of Magic cards will win the duel for him. Yugi is glad that Joey didn’t take Red-Eyes. His plan succeeded! Now it’s Yugi’s turn to take a card from Joey’s hand. Yugi ends up taking the Trap card, Magic Arm Shield, and then Joey begins to head back to his side of the field.

Yugi tells Marik that the real Joey is in there somewhere. Marik denies that and states that he is in complete control of Joey’s mind. Yugi tells Marik that the real Joey did try to break free when he first saw Red-Eyes. He knows that Red-Eyes will be useful to him, and he plans to use it to set Joey free. Joey says, “Whatever”, and he tells Yugi to finish his move. Yugi sacrifices his two monsters on the field and summons Red-Eyes Black Dragon. As soon as Red-Eyes appears, Joey stares into its eyes. Marik loses control of Joey once again. Yugi tells Joey to fight it and stare at Red-Eyes. Marik is furious that he is losing control of his mind slave. To make matters worst for him, Odion reports that Joey’s sister escaped. Marik orders him to find and capture her at once.

Yugi continues to help Joey remember Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Kaiba sees that the monster is affecting Joey’s mind. Mokuba says that it was indeed Joey’s favorite card, so having it used against him must be very hard. Yugi explains to Joey that Marik is trying to use him for his dirty work. So Yugi plans to try and stop Marik, but if it doesn’t work, the entire world is in danger. Yugi is only doing this because he’s Joey’s friend, so he plans to do everything to knock Joey back into his senses! Yugi orders Red-Eyes to attack Alligator Sword. The dragon destroys Alligator Sword and knocks out 1600 points from Joey’s score. Yugi asks Joey if he’s still there, but Marik says that he’s still in control. Yami tells Yugi that the duel is getting too dangerous, but Yugi refuses to let Yami take control. He has one last idea. Plus, Yugi doesn’t want to go through his whole life depending on Yami. Yami has given Yugi hope, courage, and even new friends, and Yugi wants to use all of this to help Joey get his mind back. Yami understands and reminds Yugi of what will happen if he loses the duel. Yugi is aware of the consequences. Yami decides to put his faith in Yugi and hope he can beat Marik.

ScreenShot: 76: Friends 'Til the End (2)Joey’s turn begins. He plays the Magic card, Hinotama to knock off 500 life points off of Yugi’s score. With only 1000 life points left, Yugi doesn’t have much time to survive. Meanwhile, the three Rare Hunters continue to search for Tristan, Serenity and Duke. After the Rare Hunters search in other places, Tristan, Serenity, and Duke reveal themselves from behind a truck. They can now catch their breaths. Tristan and Duke haven’t seen each other in so long. Duke says that he decided to check Battle City out after he heard about it. He was really looking for Yugi, but Tristan and Serenity will have to do. Then Duke asks who Serenity is. Tristan tells him that he’s Joey’s sister. Duke remembers Joey as the one who dressed up in the doggy suit. Tristan tells him not to bring that up since it will only upset her. Duke then asks who those Rare Hunters were. Tristan has no idea. Duke assumes that they must really be after Tristan and Serenity, since they were chasing them. Tristan agrees. Serenity then feels her way around the truck to meet with Tristan and Duke. She asks them if the Rare Hunters were after them, does that mean they are after the others too? Tristan thinks Yugi, Joey and Téa may be in even more trouble than they are.

Back at the duel, Yugi tries to recover from the Hinotama blast. Téa tells Joey to snap out of it. She asks the Kaiba brothers that they must be able to do something. Mokuba says they can’t or else Téa will be crushed. Yugi gets back up on his feet. With his Millennium Puzzle in one hand, he walks closer to Joey. Meanwhile, Joey summons Rocket Warrior in attack mode. He states that any monster who destroys Rocket Warrior loses 500 attack points for that turn. Then Joey plays the Magic card, Attrition. Yugi tells Joey to wait, but Joey tells Yugi that he’s too late. Joey orders Rocket Warrior to attack. Red-Eyes Black Dragon loses 500 attack points, and then Attrition weakens Red-Eyes by an additional 1500 points (the strength of Rocket Warrior). Red-Eyes falls to the ground. Joey sees Red-Eyes weakened, and Marik loses control of Joey once again. Yugi walks up to Joey and hands him his Millennium Puzzle, his most precious possession. Now a piece of Yugi will belong to Joey. Yugi tells Joey to take good care of it.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Big Shield Gardna – 100/2600
Kuriboh – 300/200
Spellbinding Circle – Trap
Exchange – Magic
Red-Eyes Black Dragon – 2400/2000

Alligator Sword – 1500/1200
Hinotama – Magic
Rocket Warrior – 1500/1200


Friends 'Til the End, Part 2

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