Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-97 Showdown in the Shadows, Part 2

Season 2-97 – Showdown in the Shadows, Part 2

“One Turn Kill” (ONE TURN KILL)
Aired Japan: March 5, 2002
Aired USA: November 01, 2003

ScreenShot: 97: Showdown in the Shadows (2) The duel between Bakura and Dark Marik continues. Bakura has just seized Dark Marik’s Egyptian God card, and he now plans to use it against him. He thinks with the good Marik on his team, there’s no way he can lose. Dark Marik begins his turn. He draws. Bakura asks how it feels knowing the powerful God card is in his hand. When it strikes, Bakura will win, and Dark Marik will be consumed in darkness. Good Marik says he will then reclaim the body his other half had stole. Dark Marik says his other half should be thanking him. Good Marik asks, “How so?” Dark Marik explains it was him who forced Marik to own the Millennium Rod. Marik was able to use the Rod, while the evil was hidden away. Now that the darker half is released, the Rod’s power belongs to him.

Dark Marik thinks all the ranting is becoming tiresome. The shadow game is the way to decide who stays and who goes. So, Dark Marik continues his move by the Magic card, Vengeful Bog Spirit. This card forces all monsters to wait one turn before attacking. So even if Bakura can summon Ra, he won’t be able to use it right away. Bakura thinks Dark Marik is just delaying his destruction. He draws. Good Marik exclaims Bakura must summon The Winged Dragon of Ra. Bakura knows that. He sacrifices his three monsters to summon Ra. However, before Bakura can summon the monster, he activates the Trap card, Joyful Doom. This strips Bakura’s three monsters of their attack points and transfers them to Dark Marik’s life points. Dark Marik’s life points are now at 8550.

Ra gets summoned to the field, but thanks to Dark Marik’s Trap, it has 0 attack points. Bakura stares at the God, wondering how an Egyptian God can have 0 attack points. Good Marik explains Ra’s attack points depend on the monsters that get sacrificed. Bakura yells at Marik about not warning him that something like this would happen. Marik says he wasn’t aware that his other half was holding that card. Now all those attack points have been added to Dark Marik’s score. For now, Bakura just switches Ra (3450 defense points) and Puppet Master into defense mode. Dark Marik just laughs, saying Bakura doesn’t have much choice.

Meanwhile, Téa wakes up from her sleep. She finds herself next to Bakura’s bed and wonders what she is doing there. Suddenly, she notices that Bakura is missing! Yugi is completely asleep in his room. He wakes up to Téa, who is banging on his door. Yugi opens the door and tells Téa it’s kind of late. Téa reports she was just in Bakura’s room and Bakura is missing. Yugi springs awake, wondering where he could be.

Back at the dueling site, Dark Marik says this duel is done. He orders Drillago to attack Puppet Master. Drillago destroys Puppet Master. Dark Marik says Ra is next. Bakura draws and says he will turn this duel around with one card. Dark Marik hopes Bakura is not referring to Ra because it’s useless! Bakura disagrees. He sacrifices Ra to summon Dark Ruler. Dark Marik notices Bakura has given up on his Egyptian God card already. Bakura will regret that, as Dark Marik stares at his Monster Reborn card. Bakura says he sent Ra to the graveyard because it was too weak. Now that Ra is in the graveyard, neither player will be able to use its power. Even if Dark Marik brings it back, it will have 0 attack points. Next, Bakura sacrifices three monsters from his graveyard to summon Dark Necrofear. Then, Bakura activates Premature Burial. He gives up 800 life points to bring back Earl of Demise. As Bakura loses his life points, another part of his body disappears. Good Marik tells Bakura not to be so reckless with their life points. Bakura replies Marik hasn’t helped him at all. The two then begin to argue. Dark Marik just watches them argue with each other. He reminds Bakura about his Vengeful Bog Spirit’s effect. Bakura is well aware of that and tells Dark Marik to make his move.

Yugi and Téa continue to search for Bakura. Téa says they searched everywhere and still no sign of Bakura. Yugi thinks Marik may be behind this. Meanwhile, Kaiba is still on his computer working with The Winged Dragon of Ra card. He wonders how his Crush Card combination would do against Ra. The computer reports back a thirteen percent chance victory. Kaiba is surprised, thinking Ra has more power than he thought.

Dark Marik begins laughing about how he will destroy Bakura with the Egyptian God card he sent to the graveyard. Bakura thinks Dark Marik is bluffing. Dark Marik says Ra may have more special abilities they aren’t aware of. Good Marik thought he knew all the abilities, but apparently not.

Kaiba finds out about Ra’s Instant Attack ability. He notices Ra has abilities that aren’t even written on the card. Kaiba wants to add it to his deck. He already possesses Obelisk and winning Slifer will be simple. However, Ra is in a class of itself. Kaiba further says most trap cards are useless and Magic cards only last one turn. However, Ra has abilities that aren’t even written on the card! So if a duelist is able to decipher the text, that duelist still won’t be able to use its full power.

Dark Marik stares at his hand. If he brings Ra back with Monster Reborn, it will only remain on the field for one turn. With Vengeful Bog Spirit still in effect, all monsters must wait a turn before attacking. By then, Ra would be back in the graveyard, but not if he uses the power of Instant Attack! Dark Marik says this shadow game is over. Once he summons Ra, there’s nothing Bakura can do to stop him!

Kaiba finds out exactly what Instant Attack does. If Ra is brought back from the graveyard, it can attack on the same turn it was summoned. Meanwhile, Yugi and Téa are on the elevator heading up to the dueling arena. It’s the only place they haven’t checked. When they arrive, they notice the purple fog surrounding the arena. Yugi knows Bakura is in there and he must be dueling against Marik. Yami takes over Yugi’s body. He says if Bakura loses the duel, he will be trapped in the Shadow Realm. Enough people have gotten hurt already, so he urges Téa to go back down. Téa insists that she stay with Yugi, since they are in this together.

Dark Marik activates Monster Reborn and summons The Winged Dragon of Ra. But it only has 0 attack and 0 defense points! Bakura stares in horror at the powerful beast. Good Marik tells Bakura to calm down since it has no attack or defense points. Plus, Vengeful Bog Spirit is still in play, so it won’t be able to attack anyway. Dark Marik says he’s mistaken, since he doesn’t know all the abilities of Ra. Dark Marik announces the ability Instant Attack. Bakura and Good Marik wonder what he means. Dark Marik explains Ra can attack right away. However, that’s not all of Ra’s power! It also has its Point-to-Point transfer ability. Bakura wonders what that is, and why is Dark Marik’s body disappearing into the shadows? Dark Marik says he is transferring his life points to Ra’s attack points. He keeps one life points for himself to make sure he doesn’t lose. With 8549 attack and defense points, Ra is stronger than ever.

ScreenShot: 97: Showdown in the Shadows (2)Dark Marik has merged with his mighty creature. The majority of him appears on top of Ra’s head, while a small portion of him remains on the field. With only 1100 life points left, Bakura exclaims this can’t be happening to him! The Winged Dragon of Ra unleashes its attack. All of Bakura’s monsters are destroyed, and in the process, Good Marik gets wiped away by the shadows.

Yugi tells Téa he must put an end to Marik’s plan. Téa knows he will, and Yugi says Téa makes it sound so easy. Marik gets stronger and more evil with each duel. Yugi thinks the more evil Marik gets, the harder it will be to defeat him. Marik has already begun targeting Yugi’s friends because of a grudge he has against Yugi. He must be stopped!

Dark Marik tells Bakura to prepare to be plunged into the darkness. Bakura says he is the darkness. As Bakura slowly disappears, he laughs, saying he hasn’t seen the last of him! His Millennium Ring falls to the ground.

Yugi says the time is now, and he walks into the shadows. Suddenly, Téa’s eyes go blank, and Marik takes control. Marik says Téa is his last hope because part of him still exists within her. Dark Marik picks up the Millennium Ring. Yugi enters the dueling arena and demands to know what happened to Bakura. Dark Marik doesn’t know what Yugi is talking about. If he’s referring to the spirit of the Millennium Ring, then he should know what happens when one loses a shadow game. An expression of horror appears on Yugi’s face. Dark Marik says not to be surprised. It won’t be long until he joins him in the Shadow Realm!

Meanwhile, while Ishizu is sleeping, she has a nightmare about Marik being trapped in the shadows. She wakes up from this bad dream and sees Téa standing at her doorway. She asks if something is wrong. Téa, still with the blank eyes on her face, says it’s her brother, Marik. Marik says he needs her help. Ishizu can’t believe what she’s seeing.

Bakura appears within the chambers of the Millennium Puzzle. He isn’t completely gone yet because a portion of his spirit still lies within the Millennium Puzzle. Bakura says there’s work to be done, and where better to unlock the power of the Pharaoh than in the dwelling of the Pharaoh himself?

Dark Marik enters Odion’s room, ready to send him to the Shadow Realm. However, when he approaches Odion’s bed, he notices Odion is gone. Dark Marik assumes Ishizu is behind all of this.

Kaiba, who is still in front of the computer, notices that secret abilities were added to Ra when the card was created. He must possess it if he wants to regain his glory as the world’s greatest duelist! Mokuba wakes up to the sound of his brother. He tells Kaiba that another round of finals begins soon, and even he should be sleeping. Kaiba is well aware of that and says he’s preparing. The blimp is on its way to Kaiba Corp. Island, and this is where the finals will end and the champion crowned. Soon they will arrive at the place their stepfather was last seen after Kaiba took over the company. On the island lies the tower Kaiba built as a symbol of his power. Kaiba says he’s ready to turn to the same land where his stepfather made his billions. For now, Kaiba also has created a mighty empire, and he’s done it on his own terms. That’s how he plans on winning this tournament – no help from anyone except for himself. It won’t be long now for Kaiba to prove there’s no one on earth that’s superior to him!

These are the cards used in this episode.

Puppet Master 0/0
Dark Ruler – 2450/1600
Dark Necrofear – 2200/2800
The Earl of Demise – 2000/700

Drillago – 1600/1100
Vengeful Bog Spirit – Magic
Joyful Doom – Trap
The Winged Dragon of Ra – ????/????


Showdown in the Shadows, Part 2

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