Masters Of The Magicians

Well, I just wanted to say that I forgot to post this.. but NEW NEW NEW Saturday episodes today, on KidsWB! First I like to say that the new Yugioh Episodes are based I think on the 2nd part of the 3rd season (in Japan) or 2nd season(in America) conitued!

This is where Kaiba Corp takes over the Dueling Tournaments.. Anyway, In todays epic 3part series, (which I am watching).. is where Yugi duels Arkana… Will he win????? I think so.

So far I saw the first 2parts @ 8 & 8:30am.. well have to see how Yugi will attack with the Dark Magician VS Dark Magician at 11:00am, with only life points left of 700! Arkaka’s master is Marik and he is sufering this duel to get his beloved girl’s soul back, by winning the duel against Yugi!

Will Seto, Mokaba Kaiba, and Tia and Grandpa Motou be there in time to save Yugi from having Arkana, defeating him?

Who will win the magic show?

Well, just have to wait and see…. only the true magician believes in the heart of the cards!