SEXY Ellen Von Unwerth Guess Playing Cards Catalog RARE Busty Pin-up Girls Legs

SEXY Ellen Von Unwerth Guess Playing Cards Catalog RARE Busty Pin-up Girls Legs
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Product Description

SEXY Ellen Von Unwerth Guess Playing Cards Catalog RARE Busty Pin-up Girls Legs
Limited Edition JUMBO Sized Guess Playing Cards Photography Book

Photography by Ellen Von Unwerth


From Ace through King, in four suits, plus two Jokers, this unique item features 54 Sexy images by the world famous fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. Crossing several collecting genres this rare Limited edition work is sure to become extremely collectable.

There are 54 "cards" in the "deck". Each card has a different sensual image from the 2004 Las Vegas Guess advertising campaign. I use the preceding quotation marks as this deck of cards isn't really meant to be played. They are primarily a novel way to display a large series of images as opposed to a more mundane book form. It is really more like an un-bound book. The deck is about 400% larger than a standard deck.


The various images from the Las Vegas Nevada ad campaign include shots set in the desert along a highway and in a motel, in a Las Vegas Casino at the slots and craps table, a beauty parlor, a quickie wedding chapel, a Cadillac convertible, the Las Vegas Strip, and in the back of a limousine. The models Ksenia Dechtchekina or Ksenija Deshchekina a Russian girl from western Siberia, Karen Carreno from Columbia, Laryssa Castro from Brazil, and Alexandra (Sasha) Beznosyuk a Ukrainian are wearing bra panty mini skirts, high heels, down blouse, jeans and anything else guess.

NOTE: Paris Hilton did not model in this advertising campaign contrary to what some people have heard. The name of the blonde model that looks similar to Paris is Alexandra (Sasha) Beznosyuk.

Paul Marciano of GUESS and Ellen Von Unwerth have a long running collaborative relationship. Together they have created some of the worlds most memorable fashion advertising. Their ad campaigns have launched the careers of such legendary supermodels as Claudia Schiffer, Daniela Pestova and Estella Warren .

Whether you are a collector of Supermodel memorabilia, Playing Cards, Fashion or Photography this item is sure to be a favorite part of your collection.

The deck of cards measures 6 by 9 inches (15.5 x 23 cm) and is in NEW Mint condition. The item was opened only to scan the cards shown here.

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