S0-03 It’s Come! The Strongest Monster!

Season 0-03 – It’s Come! The Strongest Monster!

“Clash! The Strongest Monster”
“Gekitotsu! Saikyō no Monsutā” (激突! 最強のモンスター)
Aired JAPAN: April 18, 1998

It’s late at night, and a boy is being cornered by two men. The boy backs into a fence and holds up a card, saying it’s very special to him. He pleads to the men not to take his card. One of the men takes his hand and covers the boy’s mouth, and they both begin beating him up. Another guy, who has green hair, walks up to the scene. The two men eventually beat up the kid and steal his card. They give it to the green-haired guy. One of the men reports to him they have all the cards they need from the school. He calls him “young master”. While walking away, one of the men tells the green-haired guy there are other schools where cards are popular. The green-haired guy just stares at the card in his hand.

ScreenShot: 3: It's Come! The Strongest Monster!

The next day, Yuugi tells his friends about a game called Duel Monsters. It was popular when Yuugi was in third grade. Yuugi has a bunch of cards on his desk. The cards have pictures of different monsters on them. Miho thinks they all look pretty. Jounouchi holds several of the cards in his hand and asks how the game is played. Yuugi explains its a card battle game. He points out the attack and defense points of each monster. Then he says you play the game on a battle field. Anzu thinks it sounds like fun, but Jounouchi doesn’t like these kinds of games. Honda makes fun of Jounouchi for not liking a game that involves using his head. Jounouchi holds his fists at Honda and asks what that means. Anzu cuts in the fight and points to Honda’s new sash that has writing on it. Honda says the card game is popular right now. So, there will be people out there that will try to collect the rare cards through unjust means. Yuugi says there are people from America who come to Japan to just buy one card. Honda wants to try and prevent people from taking cards illegally. Jounouchi doesn’t think the job suits Honda, but Honda insists its his destiny to do it.

Suddenly, class begins, and the teacher announces a new transfer student. Yuugi hopes the new kid will like games. The classroom door opens, and the new student appears. It’s the same green-haired guy from before, Kaiba. Anzu recognizes him from the Kaiba Corporation industry. Jounouchi thinks Kaiba is a spoiled brat, and he hates those types of people. The teacher shows Kaiba to his seat, which is right next to Yuugi. Kaiba notices a Duel Monsters card on the floor. He picks it up and hands it to Yuugi. Yuugi thanks him and asks if he’s into games. Kaiba says he loves them.

The bell rings and classes have ended. Kaiba is in his fancy car, and he says goodbye to Yuugi. Then he takes off. Miho thinks Kaiba has a great car. Anzu thinks Yuugi is getting along pretty wall. Yuugi says Kaiba will show his card collection. Miho is surprised Yuugi is going to Kaiba’s house. She wants to go too! Yuugi thinks they all should go to please Kaiba.

Yuugi, Jounouchi and Anzu arrive at Kaiba’s huge mansion. Moments later, Honda and Miho arrive on their bike. Kaiba speaks to the group through a speaker, saying he’s glad they could all make it. The gates open, and everyone is amazed at the size of Kaiba’s house. The front doors to the house open, and Kaiba notices everyone came. He’s pleased. Then Kaiba decides to show everyone around his place. Jounouchi sneers at the fact Kaiba thinks his mansion is “no big deal”. Honda thinks Jounouchi is jealous, and Jounouchi gets mad at Honda. Anzu breaks up the fight and tells the boys to act properly here. Kaiba laughs and says it’s no big deal. Jounouchi starts to dislike Kaiba more and more. Honda thinks Kaiba is a good guy, even though he’s rich.

Kaiba opens a door and presents everyone his card collection. It’s a huge collection! Hundreds of cards line are displayed on the walls. Anzu points to the trophies on a shelf. Kaiba explains those are from the national Duel Monsters tournament that he won. Everyone is shocked to hear he won it. Miho walks up to Kaiba and wants him to talk about his amusement parks. Honda tells Miho he has tickets. Kaiba says he’ll make reservations for her. Miho, excited, wraps her arms around Kaiba. Now Honda is starting to feel the heat. He too is beginning to dislike Kaiba. Kaiba then asks Yuugi about any rare cards he has. Yuugi says he doesn’t have any. Anzu points out Yuugi’s Grandpa has a rare card. Kaiba is interested to see it. Jounouchi and Honda both tell Yuugi to show Kaiba the card. Yuugi decides to do it.

Everyone heads back to Yuugi’s home. Yuugi tells his Grandpa to show his best card. Grandpa decides to do it after Kaiba says please. Grandpa shows everyone the card, and Kaiba gasps at what he sees. It’s the rare Blue Eyes Dragon card! Jounouchi, Honda and Miho aren’t too impressed with it. Miho thought the card would have diamonds or jewels attached to it! Grandpa explains the card is so powerful, that it’s production was canceled. People would do anything to get their hands on this card. Anzu thinks the card sounds very powerful. Honda thinks that card could be very dangerous. He tells Grandpa to turn it over for safekeeping. Grandpa wonders why Honda would even care. Then Kaiba brings out his briefcase, filled with hundreds of cards. He wants to trade his briefcase of cards for the Blue Eyes Dragon. Yuugi, Jounouchi and Honda are shocked at Kaiba’s offer. However, Grandpa says no. Kaiba asks if there’s any way to trade for it. Grandpa explains he’s not keeping the card because of its rarity. A good friend from America gave it to him, so he’s keeping it because it contains many memories. Grandpa also says truly valued treasures have your heart in it. That’s why Kaiba should have is heart in every card he owns. Kaiba isn’t too pleased with Grandpa’s words, but he says Grandpa is right. He closes his briefcase and decides to go home.

Jounouchi is amazed at Grandpa’s words. Miho is also happy with the way Grandpa said it. Meanwhile, on his way home, Kaiba thinks about the Blue Eyes Dragon card.

The next day of school, Yuugi shows Jounouchi and Honda how to play Duel Monsters. Jounouchi and Honda are going against each other. Honda starts first. He draws a Zombie card, which has 800 attack points. He places it in the Graveyard field. Jounouchi draws next. The card is Dark Dragon, and it has 1500 attack points. Jounouchi is happy that he won, and Honda sulks at his lost. However, Yuugi says Honda won the game. It’s true Zombie’s attack and defense points are weaker than Dark Dragon’s, but Zombie is in the Graveyard field. So, it’s attack points are doubled. Jounouchi is angry at his loss, and then he and Honda begin to argue with each other. Anzu and Miho walk into the room. Miho notices Jounouchi and Honda playing Duel Monsters. Anzu says they both want to challenge Kaiba to a game.

Kaiba enters the room and reminds Yuugi about the phone call last night. Yuugi says Grandpa allowed him to bring Blue Eyes Dragon for the day. Kaiba is so excited to see the card one more time. Yuugi hands Blue Eyes Dragon to Kaiba. Kaiba stares at the card. He tells himself he’ll switch the card with a fake copy when he hands it back to Yuugi. Before Kaiba hands it back to Yuugi, he accidentally drops it on the floor. This makes Jounouchi and Honda suspicious. Kaiba secretly makes the switch and then gives it to Yuugi.

It’s almost night, and Yuugi is walking home from school. Anzu runs up to Yuugi, asking if Jounouchi is with him. She says Jounouchi and Honda went off to challenge Kaiba. At the school roof, Jounouchi and Honda meet up with Kaiba. They both tell Kaiba they know he switched the cards. Kaiba tries to play it off, saying there’s no way he would do that. That would be stealing! However, Jounouchi and Honda aren’t being fooled. Jounouchi orders Kaiba to return the card now. He aims a punch at Kaiba, but he’s stopped by someone else. Kaiba’s men appear, and one of them punches Jounouchi to the ground. Honda runs to Jounouchi’s side. Kaiba laughs. He hopes Jounouchi and Honda don’t think badly of him.

Yuugi runs up to the school’s roof. He sees Jounouchi and Honda on the ground with Kaiba and his men surrounding them. Kaiba tells Yuugi they were trying to make false accusations of him. Yuugi asks about Kaiba switching the cards. He noticed they were switch but thought Kaiba would reconsider. Yuugi exclaims Kaiba likes games too, but it appears he’s wrong. He walks to Kaiba and begs he give the card back. Yuugi places his hands on Kaiba, and this upsets Kaiba very much. He uses his briefcase to shove Yuugi to the ground. Kaiba thinks there is no heart in a card. A card is a card, and its true power is revealed when the proper person uses it. He can’t believe he got his hands on such a rare card. Kaiba begins to walk away. Yuugi tries to run after Kaiba, but one of the men stops him. He punches Yuugi to the ground.

The Millenium Puzzle activates, and the spirit from the puzzle takes over. Yuugi has a big smile on his face, as he approaches the men. Meanwhile, Kaiba is about to head inside his car when Yuugi stops him. Yuugi says it’s game time. Jounouchi and Honda recover from their beatings, and they see the two men beat up.

Yuugi and Kaiba are ready to play a game of Duel Monsters. Kaiba reminds Yuugi he’s playing against an expert. Yuugi doesn’t know if he can win, but he knows the Duel Monsters game will be different from before. Kaiba is looking forward to it, but he notices Yuugi has more confidence than before. It’s almost like Yuugi’s a different person! Yuugi announces they will each have forty cards and two thousand life points. When a player’s life points hit zero, the game is over. Then the game begins.

Kaiba draws first and plays Gargoyle. He places him in the Dark Forest field. However, something magical happens. The monster comes to life! Yuugi tells Kaiba about the game being different than others. Yuugi begins his turn. He plays Dark Dragon and places it in the Lake field. The two monsters battle each other, and Kaiba ends up losing 500 life points. Kaiba notices his card vanished from the field. Yuugi explains they are playing a Duel Monsters Yami Game duel. Kaiba is very interested with the duel. It’s the ultimate game he’s been waiting for! Kaiba draws and summons one of his rarest cards, Minotaurus. He plays it in the Desert field. The two monsters battle each other. Because Minotaurus has higher points than Dark Dragon, it destroys Dark Dragon. Yuugi loses 500 life points too.

Yuugi draws his Holy Elf card. It has high defense points, but almost no attack. Still, it will have to do. Yuugi summons Holy Elf to the field. Kaiba knows he’ll lose more life points if he acts carelessly. He decides to place Minotaurus in defense mode. Then Kaiba draws. He can’t use the card now, so he puts it aside face down. Yuugi thinks it’s a Magic card. Yuugi draws next. He doesn’t receive anything good, so he passes. Kaiba then draws and activates his face down card, Growth. It increases Minotaurus’ attack strength even more. Minotaurus attacks, and it destroys Holy Elf. Kaiba laughs. No card Yuugi picks can beat his monster! He tells Yuugi to give up and make his last draw. Yuugi says he’s not giving up, and he draws. He smiles and tells Kaiba he has a super powerful card in his hand. Yuugi plays Summon Demon, a monster with 2500 attack points, in the Dark Forest field. Kaiba can’t believe Yuugi holds one of the rarest cards in the game. Minotaurus is no match for Summon Demon. It gets destroyed, and Kaiba’s life points drop to 1300.

Yuugi says there’s no card Kaiba can use to beat him. However, Kaiba isn’t too sure about that. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the Blue Eyes Dragon card. Then Kaiba carefully places the card on top of his deck. He draws the Blue Eyes Dragon card and summons it into the Lake field. Kaiba laughs and orders Blue Eyes Dragon to attack. However, Blue Eyes Dragon doesn’t respond to Kaiba. Yuugi says Blue Eyes Dragon isn’t in the heart of Kaiba. Grandpa’s heart belongs inside the Blue Eyes Dragon, so it will only obey him. Kaiba can’t believe it! The Blue Eyes Dragon disappears from the field.

Yuugi makes his last move. He draws the Magic card, Revive the Dead. Now Yuugi can revive a monster, whether it’s one of his monsters or Kaiba’s. Yuugi revives Blue Eyes Dragon to his side of the field. He tells Kaiba to give up. No matter what Kaiba draws, it won’t be able to beat Blue Eyes Dragon. Kaiba says he can’t lose. He draws, but it’s just a weak monster card, Gremlin. However, Kaiba realizes his Gremlin card receives more power on a certain type of field. He summons Gremlin to the Split the Land field. Kaiba says if the field gets split, the duel results in a draw. Kaiba laughs and then disappears. He tells Yuugi they will meet again.

The duel is over. Yuugi expected Kaiba, an expert, to play something like that. Yuugi notices the Blue Eyes Dragon card on the floor. He picks it up. He’s happy to have retrieved the card that means so much to Grandpa. Meanwhile, Kaiba is in his room throwing a trantrum. He’s angry that he got a draw in Duel Monsters. Kaiba swears the day will come when Yuugi will lose. It won’t end here!

Yuugi, Jounouchi and Anzu are walking together. Anzu is glad Yuugi was able to find Grandpa’s card. Yuugi thanks Jounouchi and Honda for their work. Jounouchi says he didn’t do anything, but he wonders who did. Honda and Miho ride together on Honda’s bike. Honda says they have something to do together, as he passes Yuugi, Jounouchi and Anzu. Then Honda crashes. Anzu asks if they’re okay. Honda and Miho just lay together on the ground. Yuugi thinks it’s nice they’re getting along. At the end, Honda just calls himself useless.

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