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The Sacred Cards: Box Image [Click for full size image]The Sacred Cards

Key features:

  • Return to Battle city and compete in a trading card tournament
  • Compete in a battle for the ultra-powerful Egyptian God Cards
  • All-new original saga featuring over 100 duelists
  • 900 cards
  • For 1 player

Manufacturer: Konami
Release Date: 07 November, 2003
Media: GameBoy Advance Video Game

This game follows the story line of the t.v. show. You can walk around! You look for a duelist, then dual them! You will need to get experience points and level up to beat some of the best duelists, that may have even more than 8000 life points at the beginning of a dual.(Pegasus)Also in this game the duelist are a bit harder to beat.There’s 100 duelist and 900 cards. you can play for cards too! There’s better graphics and you can actually see the picture on the field!You can buy cards too.When you win you will get puzzle cards, and when you get 6 you try to find the blimp. The best part is you can win, and use the Egyptian God Cards!!The 3 cards that come with this game are: Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, Riryoku, and Nagate Attack.

Limited Edition Card Data

Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth TSC-001

Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

Attribute: Earth

Type: Insect
Level 8 ~ 3500/3000
Effect: This monster can only be Special Summoned by offering “Petit Moth” as a Tribute on the 6th of your turns after “Petit Moth” has been equipped with “Cocoon of Evolution.”

Card ID No. 48579379

Riryoku TSC-002


Normal Magic Card
Until the end of the turn, decrease the ATK of 1 monster by half and increase the ATK of another monster by the same amount.

Card ID No. 34016756

Negate Attack TSC-003


Negate Attack

Counter Trap
When your opponent attacks with a monster, negate the attack and make your opponent’s Battle Phase end.

Card ID No. 14315573


This game upholds the Yugioh spirit! must for fans! This is one of the coolest games I have ever layed eyes upon! Being the 4th Yugioh GBA game it is sure to be a hit!

I love everyone of the games I buy and they get better each time, so this is sweet! Since it is based on Battle City you can duel alongside your favorite characters all the way up to the god cards! I am so anticipating the release, that I am doing extra chores to pay off my debt to my mom! As you can see I’m pumped up and you should be too! Also if you are a collector of the cards then you will want to buy this just for the exclusive cards! Just that is worth the buy but you also get the game! If I was you I would start saving and counting the days until it comes out! This is a must for fans!


ScreenShot: The Sacred Cards

ScreenShot: The Sacred Cards

ScreenShot: The Sacred Cards

ScreenShot: The Sacred Cards

ScreenShot: The Sacred Cards

ScreenShot: The Sacred Cards

ScreenShot: The Sacred Cards

ScreenShot: The Sacred Cards

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