The Falsebound Kingdom Cheats

Falsebound Kingdom Cheats

Falsebound Kingdom Box USA

Key features:

  • Genre: Role Playing, Action, Sim / Strategy
  • Memory Card
  • Stereo Surround
  • Mem Req: 4 blocks
  • For 1 – 2 players

Manufacturer: Konami
Release Date: US: November 30, 2004 Japan: December 5, 2002
Media: GameCube Video Game

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom (遊戯王 フォルスバウンドキングダム ~虚構に閉ざされた王国)

(Yugiō forusubaundo kingudamu ~ kyokō ni tozasa reta ōkoku)

A real-time strategy game at heart, Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom lets players choose to play as either Yugi or Kaiba from the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated TV show as they strive to escape from the sinister virtual world in which they have been trapped. Fans of the series are able to set their favorite TV characters against one another in exciting 3-on-3 monster team battles for heated duels that unfold on a colorful 3D battlefield. Vying for control of the map, players will form a team of three monsters and delegate commands to the team in real time. As the fighting heats up, players can unleash awesome special moves and visually stunning combo attacks.

Cheats and Unlocks

Konami Code Hijinks
Go to any empty space and press the Konami Code: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, and you’ll hear a jokey sound.

Get Obelisk The Tormentor
To get Obelisk the Tormentor, beat story mode once with Yugi Moto. He should appear as an item that you can summon once a round.

Get the Magician of Black Chaos
To get the Magician of Black Chaos, use the black luster ritual on the dark magician.


Money Code – You get 573 gold by pressing: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a


Unlock Alpha Warrior
On DREAM WORLD liberate MEMORY BRIDGE in the Yugi story.

Unlock Black Luster Soldier
When you get the Black Luster Ritual use it on Gaia instead on the Dark Magician to get the Black Luster Soldier.

Unlock Eye of Ra
To unlock the Eye of Ra, beat Marik while playing as Joey.

Unlock Joey
Win the story mode with both Yugi and Kaiba to unlock Joey.

Unlock Silfer’s Orb
To unlock Silfer’s Orb, beat Kaiba’s game.

Unlock Soul of Oblisk
To unlock the Soul of Oblisk, beat Yugi’s story.

Unlockable: Jinzo
To unlock Jinzo, simply defeate Bakura in Mission 15. Espa Roba will then join your campaign, bringing with him Jinzo, giant mech soldier, and Cyber Saurus.

Blue Eyes White Dragon (Kaiba’s side only) – On Kaiba’s side only can you unlock this powerful dragon

Blue Eyes White Dragon – Beat the Lord of D. in the Burrow on level 14

Extra Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode with your Monsters – Play through all three stories

Fusions and Transformations

Armored Zombie – Use call of the grave on Zanki

B. Skull Dragon Red – Eyes B. Dragon+Summoned Skull

Black luster soldier – use black luster ritual on Gaia, the fierce Knight

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon – Three Blue Eyes

Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast – Berformat+Gazelle

Cosmo Queen – Dark Elf+Mystical Elf

Crimson Sunbird – Mavelus+Winged Eagle

Dragon zombie – Use call of the grave on crawling dragon

Gaia the Dragon Champ – Gaia the fierce+Curse of Dragon

Gate Guardian – Kazejin+ Suijin+Sanga

Magicain of Black Chaos – use black luster ritual on Dark Magician

Metalzoa – use metal morph on Zoa

Meteor B. Dragon Meteor – Dragon+ Red Eyes Black Dragon

Perfectly ultimate Great moth – use cocoon of Evolution on petit moth

Rabid Horseman – Battleox+Mystic Horseman

Red eyes black metal Dragon – use metal moth on Red Eyes black Dragon

Thousand Dragon – Baby Dragon+ Time Wizard

Twin Headed Thunder Dragon – Two Headed king rex+Thunder Dragon

Valkyrion – Alpha+Beta+Gamma

How to find some monsters in Yugi Side

(Note: If you lose any of these monsters, you won’t be able to get them)

Aqua Dragon – Walk through the bay in Scorched (Mission 14) on Yugi Side, there, defeat him, Fortress Whale and Suijin to get them.

Baby Dragon – SouthWest of Beyzon in Refugees (Mission 8) with Joey to get him.

Beast of Gilfer – In Beastly Badlands (Mission 6) go west (not directly west) the mountains above Tower Pegasis. Beat him, The Illusory Gentleman and Neck Hunter

Dark Elf – Beat brainwashed Tea in Spellcaster (Boss of Mission 11) to get her.

Dark Magician (Arkana) – Defeat Arkana (Boss of Lost Cause, Mission 16) on Yugi side to get him.

Dark Magician (Yugi) – Defeat Panik (Boss of Beasty Badlands, Mission 6) on Yugi side to get him

Dark Magician Girl – Liberate both captured towns in Counter Attack (Mission 10) on Yugi side, having Dark Magician in Yugi’s Team.

Fortress Whale – Walk through the bay in Scorched (Mission 14) on Yugi Side, defeat him, Suijin and Aqua Dragon to get them.

Harpie Lady – Conquer West of Ce-Reizo in Break Free (Mission 9) to get him (You have to use Mai with the Harpie Lady Airo)

Mystic Horseman+Hane-Hane+Man-eater bug – In Fury of the Empire (Mission 2) they are in the Forest south of Croethe. (Not directly south) Defeat them all and you get them all

Octoberser – In Mission 5, go south (not directly south) of Jokhan. Fight him and win to unlock.

Panther Warrior – Defeat Joey (Boss of That Someone Special) with Mai to get him.

Red Eyes Black Dragon – Defeat Joey (Boss of Phantom Blast, Mission 12) to get him

Sanga of the Thunder – West of Ce-Reizo in Break Free (Mission 9) to get him

Silver Fang – In War Campaign (Mission 1) He is directly in-between Jukhud and Makhad. Defeat him and you’ll get him.

Suijin – Walk through the bay in Scorched (Mission 14) on Yugi Side, defeat him, Fortress Whale and Aqua Dragon to get them.

Summoned Skull – Get into Tower Pegasis in the Beasty Badlands (Mission 6) on Yugi Side, defeat him and he will join you.

The Illusory Gentleman – In Beastly Badlands (Mission 6) go west (not directly west) the mountains above Tower Pegasis. Beat him, Beast of Gilfer and Neck Hunter to get him

Time Wizard – Liberate Research Guild in Spellcaster (Mission 11) to get him

Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress #1 – In Strategy (Mission 3) Go North of Dyethuro with Yugi. He’ll join you without a fight.

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