Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1

S1-11 The Dueling Monkey, Part 1

Season 1-11 – The Dueling Monkey, Part 1

“Friendship Power! Barbarian #1 & #2”
(友情パワー! バーバリアン1号·2号)
Aired Japan: June 27, 2000
Aired USA: December 15, 2001

ScreenShot: [The Dueling Monkey] Yugi and his friends have given up their search for Mokuba, and they go to find more people to duel. However, Mai is doing very well for herself. She has won 8 star chips, and when Rex Raptor returns to duel her, he has only 5 star chips. And, because of what Mai did on the boat (see Journey to the Duelist Kingdom), he wants a rematch. But, Mai is very mad, because she lost to Joey (see First Duel), and he is a rookie to Duel Monsters. She decides to agree to the duel, but only if Rex beats Joey first. Rex agrees at the thought of easy star chips.

When Joey finds Rex and Mai, he decides to accept their challenge. But Mai says he can’t have nay help from Yugi. He will have to beat Rex alone. The holographic projector is raised, and the match starts with Joey’s Baby Dragon vs. Rex’s Two Headed King-Rex. Rex calls Joey a “dueling monkey”, because he has no idea what he is doing. This makes Joey really mad, and makes him want to win even more. The King-Rex beats the Baby Dragon easily. Yugi also leaves the area to check something out he sees nearby. Joey sends out a lion creature, and then he sends out an Axe Raider, which has a power bonus, and destroys the King-Rex. But Rex’s next creature is very powerful, and he kills the Axe Raider.

ScreenShot: [The Dueling Monkey] Meanwhile, Yugi and Tristan are talking about Joey. Tristan wants Yugi to help Joey, but Yugi says that they have to believe in him. Yugi reminds Tristan about Joey’s sister, and how he needs to be able to win on his own. Back at the duel, Joey sends out his Time Wizard, and this brings memories back to Mai. The Time Wizard was what beat Mai, but she thinks that he can’t use it without Yugi’s guidance. After Rex defeats an ogre creature, Joey then sends out a Flame Sorwdsman, with the Time Wizard still in play. Mai sees Joey’s strategy, and tries to warn Rex, but he ignores her. Fire is strong against dinosaur cards, and his Flame Sorwdsman and his new Swamp Battleguard fight through Rex’s deck like a hot knife through butter. But, Rex sends out a Sperpent-Knight Dragon, a promotional card, given to people who make it to the final round of regional tournaments. It wipes out Joey’s monsters.

Joey then draws a card Tristan gave him, and Joey enters a flashback to when Joey and Tristan were in a gang, and fighting rivals. Joey realizes Tristan is a true friend, and he looks down at his friends, who have come back, and he sends out the card. Because Trsitan’s card is related to one of Joey’s cards, they look out for each other, like best friends, and deflects Rex’s attacks. But, Rex sends out a shadowed creature, and tells Joey to prepare to be wiped out.


The Dueling Monkey screenshot

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