Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-71 Double Duel, Part 2

Season 2-71 – Double Duel, Part 2

“Sealed God Cards” (封じられた神のカード)
Aired Japan: September 4, 2001
Aired USA: May 10, 2003

ScreenShot: 71: Double Duel (2) Loomis tells Yugi and Kaiba that dueling him and Umbra was a huge mistake. Soon they will defeat Yugi and Kaiba in a duel and hand over their Egyptian God cards to Marik. Yugi exclaims that they’re wrong. Loomis says, “Never”, and then he draws a card. He activates Mask of the Accursed and equips it to Yugi’s monster. Loomis explains that as long as the mask is equipped to Beta the Magnet Warrior, it cannot attack or defend. Plus Yugi takes 500 points of damage each turn he takes. Then Loomis places one card face down and ends his turn.

Yugi assumes that it’s a Trap card, since he hasn’t played any monsters. Suddenly, Yugi realizes their team strategy: Umbra holds all of the monsters while Loomis has all the powerful Magic and Trap cards. Yugi’s turn then begins. He loses 500 life points as he draws a card. Yugi has drawn Beast of Gilford, a level six monster. He can sacrifice his monster that is equipped with the mask to summon a more powerful monster. Then the mask would be destroyed. Kaiba hopes that Yugi doesn’t screw up because he’ll be taken down too if he does. So, Yugi calls out his move, but just as he does, Loomis activates a Trap card, Mask of Restrict. As long as this card is in play, neither Yugi or Kaiba can sacrifice any monsters. Therefore, they won’t be able to summon powerful monsters. Umbra states that they won’t be able to summon their Egyptian God cards now. Yugi tells himself that they can’t win without weak monsters. They must turn this duel around now! Yugi places one card face down and then summons Kuriboh in defense mode.

Yugi tells Kaiba that they have to work as a team in order to win. Kaiba still refuses to do that. Umbra begins his turn. He is skeptical about which monster he should attack. He could attack Beta the Magnet Warrior, but that monster reduces Yugi’s life points. He could also attack Kaiba’s monster, but Kaiba has two face down cards, and one of them could be a trap. Loomis and Umbra have transmitters hidden in their masks. Loomis tells Umbra to attack, since he has everything covered. Umbra says, “Excellent.” He places one card face down and then orders Shining Abyss to attack Vorse Raider. Kaiba activates his Trap card, Ring of Destruction. Now Umbra will lose his monster, and both him and Kaiba will take nearly 2000 points of damage. However, Loomis counters that move with his own Trap card, Curse Transfer. This transfers the effect of Kaiba’s Trap card to his own monster. So now Vorse Raider will be destroyed. Yugi says that both Kaiba and Umbra will both lose nearly 2000 life points unless they counter with a Magic card. Yugi tells Kaiba that they may be planning something, but Kaiba tells Yugi that he doesn’t need any help. When Vorse Raider gets destroyed, Kaiba activates his Magic card, Ring of Defense. This card prevents Kaiba from taking any damage. However, Umbra activates his Magic card, Spell Transfer. This takes the effect of Ring of Defense and transfers it to Umbra. So Umbra takes no damage, while Kaiba takes 1900 points of damage. Now Kaiba is down to 2100 life points.

Without any monsters on the field, Kaiba is open for a direct attack. So Umbra orders his Shining Abyss to attack. If the attack goes through, he will lose the duel, and his mind will be sent to the Shadow Realm!

Meanwhile, Tristan heads back to the hospital. He meets up with Serenity, who is still in her room. Tristan plans on giving Serenity a ride back to Battle City. Serenity tells Tristan that she’s afraid that she won’t be able to see when she takes her bandages off later. Tristan reassures her that the doctor said everything would be okay. Plus everyone will be right there with her when she does. Tristan says that the first thing Serenity will see is Joey. Serenity thanks Tristan for his support.

Grandpa and Bakura are also at the hospital. Bakura is lying on the bed, and Grandpa is keeping an eye on him. Grandpa says that he wished he knew who caused so much harm to Bakura. When Grandpa heads towards the sink, Bakura awakens and smiles an evil smile.

The Rare Hunters, who grabbed Téa earlier, take her into a warehouse and throw her in a room filled with cardboard boxes. Téa bangs on the door to let her out, but the Rare Hunters calmly walk away. Since there is no escape from the room, Téa sits on one of the boxes and wonders what the Rare Hunters want with her. It’s not like she has anything valuable. Téa then recalls the time when she and Yugi were with Ishizu. Ishizu warned them about a threat, and Téa assumes that this must be the threat that Ishizu was talking about. Whoever is causing it is after Yugi, and he’s doing it by putting his friends in danger!

Back at the duel, Shining Abyss attacks Kaiba. However, before the attack can hit Kaiba, an army of Kuriboh appear, and they block the attack. Yugi saved Kaiba by using his Multiply Magic card. Now none of Umbra’s attacks will affect Kaiba. Umbra grunts and states that those “furballs” won’t be around for too long. Kaiba exclaims to Yugi that he can save himself. Yugi tells Kaiba that they must work together in order to beat Loomis and Umbra. If one of them loses, the other won’t stand a chance. Kaiba wonders if Yugi is questioning his dueling skills. Yugi tells Kaiba that they must combine their skills in order to take down the Rare Hunters. Yugi says that he saved Kaiba, and if Kaiba doesn’t save him, then he might not be around too long. Kaiba just says, “Good riddance.” Loomis says that if Yugi and Kaiba continue to disagree with each other, then taking their Egyptian God cards will be easier. Umbra tells Loomis through his transmitter that they must first take down Yugi’s line of defense. Loomis says that he can handle it.

Meanwhile, Téa is trying to escape from the room. There is a small opening at the top of the room, so Téa stacked up boxes to try and get to it. However, right before she can climb her way out, the boxes all tumble down, and she falls down too. Suddenly, the door opens and the Rare Hunters push Mokuba in the same room. Téa and Mokuba are glad to have found each other. Mokuba explains that the Rare Hunters are just using them as bait so that they can get Yugi and Kaiba’s Egyptian God cards. Téa says, “Egyptian what?” Mokuba explains that the Egyptian God cards are the most powerful cards out there. Whoever controls all three are unbeatable. Téa asks Mokuba if that’s all this is about. She thinks that there’s more to it than just a few cards.

Back at the duel, Kaiba draws his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. However, he needs to sacrifice monsters in order to summon it, and as long as the Rare Hunters have Mask of Restrict on the field, he cannot sacrifice anything. So Kaiba sets one card face down and summons Battle Ox in defense mode. Umbra states that there’s no way Kaiba can win if he just hides behind his monsters, and Loomis agrees. Loomis draws a card and then plays Mask of Dispel. This negates the effect of Multiply, so the army of Kuriboh are reduced to one. Loomis adds in that as long as Mask of Dispel remains on the field, Yugi will lose 500 life points every turn. That means Yugi will lose 1000 life points every turn he makes. If he doesn’t do something soon, it’s all over! Next Loomis summons Grand Tiki Elder and uses it to destroy Kuriboh.

Yugi’s turn begins. His life points decrease to 2500. Yugi draws a good Trap card, but it’s not enough to win. However, Yugi does have Card Destruction in his hand, and he thinks it might come in handy. However, if Kaiba has something could in his hand, it could ruin his plan. But what choice does Yugi have? Kaiba doesn’t want to work as a team. Kaiba tells Yugi that he couldn’t possibly make things any worse. Due to Yugi’s sloppy dueling, his hand is completely useless. Kaiba says that he does have a good monster, but it’s better off in the graveyard. Yugi thinks he knows what to do now. He places one card face down and ends his turn.

ScreenShot: 71: Double Duel (2)Umbra makes another threat to Yugi, saying that he failed to protect his life points. So Umbra begins his turn by playing a Magic card, Curse of the Mask Beast. This ritual card allows Umbra to sacrifice both his and Loomis’ monster in order to summon something even more powerful: Masked Beast. With 3200 attack points, it’s definitely the strongest monster on the field. Because Yugi is defenseless, Masked Beast attacks Yugi. However, Kaiba has Battle Ox run in and defend Yugi. Battle Ox takes the hit instead, and Yugi’s life points are spared. Kaiba states that his teammate was in trouble and so he needed to help him. Yugi thanks Kaiba, but Kaiba tells Yugi to give it a rest.

Loomis tells Yugi and Kaiba that neither of them have any monsters on the field that can defend them. So they will lose the next time their monster attacks. Yugi then activates his face down card, Card Destruction. This forces all players to deposit their hand to their graveyard and draw new cards. Loomis and Umbra are shocked, but Kaiba is quite pleased. Now that his Blue-Eyes White Dragon is in the graveyard, he can summon it. He activates his face down card, Monster Reborn. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is summoned onto the field, and the duel increases to a whole new level.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Beta the Magnet Warrior – 1700/1600
Kuriboh – 300/200
Multiply – Magic

Vorse Raider – 1900/1200
Ring of Destruction – Trap
Ring of Defense – Magic
Battle Ox – 1700/1000
Monster Reborn – Magic
Blue-Eyes White Dragon – 3000/2500

Mask of the Accursed – Magic
Mask of Restrict – Trap
Curse Transfer – Trap
Grand Tiki Elder – 1500/800

Shining Abyss – 1600/1800
Spell Transfer – Magic
Curse of the Mask Beast – Magic
Masked Beast – 3200/(defense points are not shown)


Double Duel, Part 2

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