Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-90 Mind Game, Part 1

Season 2-90 – Mind Game, Part 1

“Mai vs. Marik – A Dark Duel” (舞vsマリク 闇のデュエル)
Aired Japan: January 15, 2002
Aired USA: October 4, 2003

ScreenShot: 90: Mind Game (1) One of Kaiba’s doctors have just finished examining Odion, who is resting in bed. The doctor reports that his heart is steady and he passed all the tests. However, the mental stress that he has been through has left him unconscious. Téa tells Joey that he should be thankful that he’s not in the same situation. Joey agrees since he and Odion were both dueling when Odion’s Egyptian God card went crazy. Duke says that they won’t find out who this guy is until he wakes up. Yugi states that they only know one thing: Odion was determined to protect Marik. Joey wonders why. Marik could care less if Odion ever wakes up or not! Mai says that it’s time like this when you need friends the most. Joey realizes that this must be the reason why he was able to stand up and win the duel. He tells everyone about the dream he had and how his friends helped him win. Tristan makes a remark about how that dream is almost as touching as the dream he had with vanilla pudding and a monkey! Joey gets angry at Tristan and shakes him, exclaiming that it was a secret.

Tristan suddenly remembers that it’s time for Kaiba to pick the next two duelists for the finals. So the group decides to head off to the room where the selection takes place. On their way to the room, Mai asks Joey if she was in his dream. Joey has a flashback about his dream and sees Mai in it. However, he’s too embarrassed to tell her, so he says that she wasn’t there. In fact most of his dreams are about cars and other manly stuff. Mai has a puzzled look on her face when Joey tells her this. Then Joey walks away. Joey doesn’t want Mai to know that he’s thinking about her. Suddenly, Téa appears and pulls on Joey’s ear. She demands to know why Joey is so mean. She screams at Joey that Mai wanted to feel like a friend, but he was too immature to say it. She tells Joey to grow up and then walks away.

Mai sighs and says that Odion isn’t the only forgotten person in the room. She then realizes that she’s a loner and does things by herself. So who needs friends? She adds in that there’s only one person that you can truly depend on, and that is yourself.

In the selection room, Roland announces that the next two duelists will now be chosen. Mai notices that Marik is missing all the action, and there still is no sign of that eighth duelist. Joey asks if Marik should be disqualified since he entered with a fake name. Kaiba responds that this tournament is about skill and not names. Besides, for him to obtain The Winged Dragon of Ra, he must defeat Marik and not disqualify him. Kaiba orders the selection to begin. Roland tells everyone to remember their numbers, and then he starts up the machine. While the balls are spinning, Kaiba hopes that he faces Marik. The selector finally chooses a number. It’s number 4, Mai Valentine! The selector starts up again to choose the second duelist. Mai decides to walk away. Joey asks if she wants to see who she is going to duel. Mai states that it doesn’t matter since she will win no matter what. Then she tells the rest of the gang that she will see them at the finals. Joey says that they will be rooting for her, but Mai says not to bother. Téa asks why not. Mai states that certain blonde-hair knuckleheads are getting on her nerves. Joey says, “Me?” Mai shouts out that he doesn’t consider her a friend, so she doesn’t consider him one either. She then leaves the room.

The doctor leaves Odion’s room. Marik approaches the doctor and uses his Millennium Rod to knock him out. Then he steals the doctor’s room key and enters Odion’s room. Marik approaches the bed and looks down at Odion. He says that it’s time for Odion to go to the Shadow Realm. After all, Marik doesn’t want Odion to wake up and try to contain him again. He holds his Millennium Rod up to the bed. However, just before Marik can complete this task, Roland announces that Marik will be facing off against Mai in the next duel. Marik decides to finish Odion off later, and he heads up to the dueling arena.

Everyone but Marik has arrived at the arena. Kaiba is getting impatient with Marik’s late arrival. Mai says that maybe Marik chickened out. The doors open and Marik walks out into the open. A grin appears on Marik’s face as he walks to his side of the arena. Marik states that this won’t take too long. Mai says that it won’t take long for her to win the duel and seize his Egyptian God card. The dueling field gets elevated. Both players activate their duel disks, and the duel begins.

Mai begins the duel. She draws and summons Dunames Dark Witch in attack mode. She ends her turn. Marik draws Revival Jam and summons it in defense mode. Then he plays the Magic card, Jam Breeding Machine. This will produce a Slime Token every turn.

Suddenly, Yugi and the others arrive at the dueling scene. They begin to cheer for Mai. Mai reminds them that she can win the duel herself. Joey knows, but friends are still allowed to watch, right? Téa sees Revival Jam on Marik’s side of the field and wonders what it is. Yugi is shocked to see Revival Jam. He says that Marik used the same monster against him, and it can only mean one thing. He decides to warn Mai, but Mai stops him. She tells everyone that she can handle things herself and that she doesn’t need help from anyone. Marik snickers. He says that those are some brave words from someone who have no idea what they are up against. Mai replies that she knows exactly how to defeat Marik.

Mai’s turn begins. She orders her monster to attack Revival Jam. Revival Jam disappears from the field, but suddenly it regenerates itself. Mai is shocked to see this. Marik explains that Revival Jam is able to revive itself each time it gets destroyed. Marik begins his move by playing Pot of Greed. He draws two cards, and then his Jam Breeding Machine produces a Slime Token (500 attack/500 defense). Marik then sets one card face down to render Mai’s attacks useless. Mokuba wonders what Marik means by that. Kaiba thinks Marik placed a Trap to block Mai’s attacks somehow. Yugi notices the same strategy that Marik used against him in their last duel. He plans to create three Slime Tokens to sacrifice. Then, he’ll summon his Egyptian God card, The Winged Dragon of Ra!

Mai draws and plays Harpie’s Feather Duster, destroying all of Marik’s Magic and Trap cards. Joey cheers for Mai’s great move. Yugi says that Mai handled that well, but she’s in more of a surprise if Marik plays his Egyptian God card. Then Mai orders her witch to attack the Slime Token. Dark Witch attacks, destroys the Slime Token, and Marik loses 1300 life points. Joey continues to cheer for Mai, telling her to keep it up. Marik wants everyone to keep on cheering so that it will be more devastating when he wins. To complete her turn, Mai sets a card face down.

Marik begins. He summons Melchid the Four-Faced Beast in attack mode. Then he sacrifices his two monsters to summon Masked Beast Des Guardius, a monster with 3300 attack points. Marik orders his new monster to attack. Mai activates her Trap card, Mirror Wall. This protects Mai’s monster and causes Marik’s monster to lose half its attack strength. With 1650 attack points, Masked Beast stands no chance to Dark Witch. Dark Witch destroys Masked Beast, and Marik’s life points drop down to 2550. Joey is happy that Marik lost more life points, but Yugi says that it’s not time to celebrate yet. Another mask appears on the field and attaches itself to Mai’s Dark Witch. Then her monster is brought to Marik’s side of the field. Marik explains that when his Masked Beast gets destroyed, it leaves behind another monster, Mask of Remnant. Marik’s deck gets shuffled, and Marik is now in control of Dark Witch. To get rid of Mai’s Trap, Marik plays the Magic card, Remove Trap.

Tristan says that Mai is in some trouble. She better come up with something before Marik unleashes his Egyptian God card. Joey tells Tristan that she’s doing all right. Mai thinks Joey is just being nice, but she knows Tristan is right. If Marik pulls out his Egyptian God card, she’s a goner.

Mai tells Marik that he may have gotten some lucky shots, but things are about to change. Marik agrees. Joey wonders why Marik has a smile all over his face. He warns Mai about something, but Mai tells him that she doesn’t need any help. Joey doesn’t like Mai’s attitude and says that he won’t help. Marik tells himself that they will all help him, they just don’t know it yet! Marik takes out his Millennium Rod and points it at Mai. He tells Mai that he will be taking the duel to the next level: the Shadow Realm. A purple fog surrounds the area, and Mai wonders what Marik has done to the place.

ScreenShot: 90: Mind Game (1)Yugi says that Marik has summoned the evil powers of the Shadow Realm. Duke says, “The shadow what?” For him, it just looks like they flew into a fog. Téa remembers this place. Marik says there’s no escape. Yugi orders Marik to end this now. Marik says never, for the shadows are hungry. If Mai wants to continue the duel, she’ll have to do things in his a world, a world where the loser loses so much more than just a duel. Yugi tells Mai to forfeit the match because there’s too much at stake. Mai thinks Yugi has completely lost it. She worked hard to get to the finals, and it will take more than just some fog to make her forfeit. She appreciates everyone’s concern, but she has made up her mind to continue the duel. Marik is pleased to hear Mai’s decision. Joey says that there’s no way to undo Mai’s decision. Once Mai has made up her mind, then that’s it.

Mai asks Marik if he’s ready. Marik laughs and says he’s always ready for a shadow game. Yugi hopes Mai knows what she’s doing. All the rules are about to change. Mai places one card face down and summons the Unfriendly Amazon. A purple glow surrounds Unfriendly Amazon, and this confuses Mai. Marik explains that her monster is now a symbol of her mind. If her monster gets destroyed, so will a portion of her mind. Marik says that Mai will understand it better once she experiences it first hand. He loves it when people feel the Shadow Realm’s magic their first time. Mai knows there’s something wrong with Marik, but she can’t get distracted now. She orders her monster to attack Marik’s Dark Witch. Marik’s monster gets destroyed, and his life points decrease to 2350. Marik states that Dark Witch was originally Mai’s monster, so a part of her memory is now wiped away. Mai wonders what Marik is talking about. Marik explains that each monster that is summoned onto the field holds a memory of a certain person. When that monster gets destroyed, so does that memory.

Joey doesn’t believe a single thing Marik has just said. Téa is the first person to be erased from Mai’s memory, but Mai doesn’t believe Marik. She says that it’s impossible. Marik replies that nothing is impossible in the Shadow Realm. By the time he’s done, Mai will be alone in a world full of strangers. A vision of the gang appears in front of Mai. The gang begins to slowly disappear into the light and away from Mai’s mind. Mai shouts out for them to come back. She can’t believe it’s really happening! Marik tells her that she’s only losing one friend for now. Mai looks down at the gang and notices Téa slipping away. Soon Mai can’t see Téa at all. Joey shouts out to Mai if she’s okay. Marik says that she’s far from okay. Every corner of the Shadow Realm holds another frightening twist, like an eternal nightmare!

These are the cards used in this episode.

Dunames Dark Witch – 1800/1050
Harpie’s Feather Duster – Magic
Unfriendly Amazon – 2000/1000

Revival Jam – 1500/500
Jam Breeding Machine – Magic
Pot of Greed – Magic
Melchid the Four-Faced Beast – 1500/1200
Masked Beast Des Guardius – 3300/2500
Remove Trap – Magic


Mind Game, Part 1

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