YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-07 A Chaotic Background of Digital Pet

Season 0-07 – A Chaotic Background of Digital Pet

“The Underhanded Digital Pet Rebellion”
“Urawaza Dejitaru Petto Sōdō” (裏技デジタルペット騒動)
Aired JAPAN: May 16, 1998

It’s 7:55AM, and everyone is getting ready for school. Suddenly, a big student tells the people in front of him to not walk in front of him. The students walk to the side as the big student with freckles walks past them. One of the girls says it’s Kujirada, someone who used to be quiet and shy. The other girl says his attitude has changed. He now has a lot of money, so things have gotten worse. Kujirada shoves a student into the school’s trash. Noticing the student got dirty, he takes a few dollars out his pocket and tosses them to the ground. He laughs and walks away. Little does Kujirada know that there’s someone nearby taking pictures of him.

At class, Honda is sad that Miho didn’t show up for school. He slumps down into his seat. The teacher walks through the aisles and reads a passage from a textbook. Suddenly, he hears a beeping noise. Jounouchi frantically grabs a toy. On the toy’s screen is a small creature. Jounouchi says he has to clean it. He pushes a few buttons to fix the problem. The teacher stands in front of Jounouchi’s desk and asks what he’s doing. Jounouchi explains about the new Digital Pet product. He’s taking care of his pet! One takes care of their pet by feeding it and cleaning it. How the pet turns out in the end all depends on how well the person cared for it. A new feature is that two Digital Pets can be linked together and date. Jounouchi says it’s really popular. The teacher hits Jounouchi and tells him to not do it during class.

ScreenShot: 7: A Chaotic Background of Digital Pet

The bell rings. Class is over. Anzu asks Jounouchi why he didn’t turn it off. Jounouchi says his pet won’t grow if it’s off. He wants to hurry and make his pet grow fast. Anzu says it takes time. She and Yuugi take out their Digital Pet toys and play with it. Yuugi says there will be a good outcome if one takes care of it properly. It’s almost like raising a child! Jounouchi agrees. He’s devoting half his day towards his pet. However, Honda has a different opinion. He thinks the Digital Pets are a complete waste of time. Anzu scolds Honda for saying that. Yuugi insists the Digital Pets are fun, but Honda still disagrees. Jounouchi thinks Honda is mad because he couldn’t get one. After all, they are sold out everywhere. Honda firmly says he doesn’t want to clean up after Digital Pets. Instead, he wants to remain in reality and clean up actual trash.

Suddenly, Miho walks through the door and greets everyone. Honda’s face turns red as he greets Miho. Anzu tells her second period is already over. Miho takes out her Digital Pet and says it’s hard to take care of her. Honda goes crazy over it. Yuugi is excited that Miho also has Digital Pet. Miho says she wants to go to Australia. Anzu questions that. Miho holds up a poster and says there’s a pet competition this Sunday. The winner gets to go to Australia! Anzu thinks that’s the reason why Jounouchi is so desperate. Jounouchi laughs about it. However, Miho is tired. She wonders if there’s anyone who could help take care of her pet and win the prize. The Australian trip is for a pair. Honda instantly grabs Miho’s hands and pledges he will make her win. Miho is really happy now. Jounouchi asks Honda about what he said earlier. Honda says there’s no difference between reality and the Digital world. Miho wishes Honda the best of luck.

Yuugi runs over to Haiyama, another student, and asks if he’s going to play with Digital Pets. Haiyama says he doesn’t have one. Suddenly, Kujirada appears and tells Haiyama to come over. Haiyama, with a sad expression on his face, follows Haiyama into the bathroom. Yuugi’s heard bad things about Kujirada. He walks to the bathroom and slightly opens the door. He sees Kujirada and Haiyama exchanging money with each other. Yuugi is shocked to see this. He wonders if Haiyama is involved in a kickback! The bathroom door opens and Kujirada walks out, followed by Haiyama. Yuugi calls out for Haiyama. He tries to ask Haiyama about what he saw. Haiyama tells Yuugi to not tell anyone. Yuugi nods his head. Haiyama thanks Yuugi and walks off. Yuugi then tells Haiyama to come and talk to him anytime. They are classmates after all. Haiyama turns around and thanks Yuugi for his support. Then Yuugi runs over to Haiyama and gives him something. He tells Haiyama they should enter the contest together. Haiyama looks in his hand. It’s a Digital Pet.

Homeroom soon begins. The teacher notices Honda missing and asks where he’s at. One of the students gives the teacher a note. The note is from Honda. It says he’s taking the day off to raise a child. The teacher gets angry. Jounouchi and Anzu can’t believe it.

Honda is at his house working with Miho’s Digital Pet. He plans to not take his eyes off the pet for a second until he wins Miho the prize. Honda thinks about the trip to Australia with Miho. He accidentally drops the Digital Pet while imagining. He immediately picks it up. Then he imagines Miho at the beach with her swimsuit on. Honda goes crazy over himself. Suddenly, the Digital Pet beeps, and Honda gets back to work. Late at night, Honda’s mother scolds Honda for being up in the middle of the night. Honda tells him mother to leave him alone. His entire youth is at stake!

The next day after school, Yuugi and the gang begin their way home. Jounouchi wonders what Honda is thinking. He hasn’t been at school ever since. Miho is looking forward to the contest. Suddenly, Yuugi and the gang see a group of kids crowding around a store. They approach the store and see a gold Digital Pet on display. Anzu asks what it is. Yuugi says it’s a limited edition Digital Pet; only one hundred copies were sold. An amazing pet can be raised with it. Jounouchi asks if there’s no way you can lose the contest with it. Miho wants it. Yuugi says it’s 50,000 yen (the equivalent to $546 USD)! Jounouchi is shocked at the price.

Suddenly, Kujirada appears and pushes the kids out of his way. He wants the gold pet for himself. He smashes the store window and takes the item. The store owner walks out with an angry face. Kujirada throws a bunch of money into the air, and the store owner catches it all. Yuugi thinks that’s the money he took from Haiyama. Kujirada laughs and walks away. Jounouchi mentions Kujirada used to not even have lunch money. Anzu says Kujirada used to be a good kid, then he went wild. Miho wonders what happened.

Meanwhile, Haiyama is at his house uploading pictures of Kujirada from his camera into his computer. He prints out a colored photo of Kujirada and smiles.

The next day of school, Anzu states Honda has been absent for three days. Miho thinks Honda has been watching over the Digital Pet this entire time. She’s confident she will win the contest. The two girls then walk over to Yuugi, who is feeding his pet some food. Yuugi says he calls his pet Yu-2. Anzu holds out her Digital Pet. She calls it Sumomo. Jounouchi then takes out his pet. He thinks the contest is going to his pet, Joe. Miho doesn’t think Jounouchi’s pet looks cute. Jounouchi asks Yuugi if they can do a data exchange. It will make both their pets grow. Yuugi likes that idea. Yu-2 is timid so having Joe’s wild characteristic would be nice. Yuugi and Jounouchi link their Digital Pets together. Both pets appear on the screen. They see Joe beating up Yu-2. But once that’s done, the data exchange is complete. Yuugi hopes there’s more growth to their pets. Jounouchi is excited for the Australia trip.

Suddenly, Kujirada appears. Kujirada thinks he’s going to be the contest winner, and he holds up his gold pet. Jounouchi laughs. He doesn’t think Kujirada will win just because he has a gold pet. There’s no way someone like Kujirada could even raise one! Kujirada introduces his ultimate pet, Devil Master. Anzu doesn’t think it has a good personality. Jounouchi is creeped out by the look of the pet. Kujirada says money can buy lots of secrets. He swipes Anzu’s Digital Pet from her hands and links the two pets together. Devil Master destroys Anzu’s pet, and her pet disappears. Kujirada says Devil Master grows by eating other pets.

Jounouchi makes a rude comment to Kujirada. Kujirada asks if his pet should eat Jounouchi’s too. Jounouchi is ready to fight. They both link their pets together. Jounouchi’s pet, Joe, first begins beating up Devil Master, but in the end Devil Master eats Joe. Jounouchi screams over the loss of Joe. Kujirada thinks the Australia trip will be his. Yuugi thinks Kujirada has some mean ways. Miho agrees. How can Kujirada use the pets that others raised to go to Australia? Anzu thinks Miho is one to talk since Honda is doing the exact same thing. Yuugi tells Kujirada that it’s wrong to eat the pets of other people. Kujirada says to shut up. In this world, the ones with money win! Kujirada is about to send Devil Master to eat Yuugi’s pet too when a familiar voice is sound.

Honda appears. His eyes are really baggy, and he claims to have raised the ultimate pet: Digital Super Ichigo. Kujirada laughs at Honda’s pet. Honda and Kujirada link their pets together. Devil Master is about to eat Ichigo, but suddenly something happens. Ichigo uses its broom to sweep away Devil Master. Devil Master disappears, and Honda wins. Honda says his pet doesn’t allow trash to exist. When Ichigo finds trash, it destroys it. Kujirada gets mad over his loss. He throws his gold pet to the ground and stomps away. Yuugi and the others compliment Honda for his victory.

Suddenly, they hear a noise. They turn around and see Haiyama sitting in his desk. Honda asks what’s wrong. Haiyama says it’s nothing. After school, Kujirada is at the back of the school throwing a fit. He kicks the school’s wall in rage. He can’t believe Honda beat him at the game! Suddenly, Kujirada hears a beep. He turns around and sees Haiyama with a camera.

Meanwhile, Miho and Honda are walking home. Miho is looking forward to the contest. She has even bought a swimsuit for the trip. Honda’s face turns completely red at the thought of Miho in her swimsuit. Miho says she also bought some night clothes. Honda walks along the sidewalk with new thoughts in his head. Suddenly, he hears Miho scream. Honda turns around and sees Miho’s bag on the floor, along with a note. It’s a note from Kujirada, saying to meet him at the warehouse. Honda holds his fist up, angry at Kujirada.

Yuugi is also on his way home. He’s thinking about Haiyama, hoping nothing bad has happened to him. Suddenly, Yuugi sees someone walking through the bushes. Yuugi decides to follow the mysterious person.

Honda opens the warehouse doors and demands to know where Miho is at. He searches the warehouse for her. Finally, he sees Miho tied up to the warehouse. Kujirada walks out from the darkness and falls to the ground. Scratch marks are all over Kujirada’s back. It looks like someone beat him up. A voice then welcomes Honda. A whip is cracked, and Haiyama walks out from the shadows. Honda wonders why he’s here. Haiyama says his “pet” is pretty pathetic; he was just punishing him. Honda has no idea what Haiyama is talking about. Haiyama says his “pet” had an inferiority complex, so he used money to help make him grow. Honda knows Haiyama is referring to Kujirada. Haiyama says Kujirada lost at Digital Pets, so now he’s useless. He wants a strong pet now! Honda thinks Haiyama is horrible for treating people like pets. Haiyama doesn’t see anything wrong with that. He thinks it’s pretty interesting! Haiyama takes out a book filled with pictures of Kujirada and his life. Honda can’t believe Kujirada’s change of attitude is Haiyama’s fault. He swears to do away with Haiyama.

Haiyama thanks Honda for taking care of his pet. He cracks his whip again. Yuugi tells Haiyama to stop. Honda asks what Yuugi is doing here. Yuugi says he was worried about Haiyama, so he followed Kujirada here. Yuugi exclaims to Haiyama that it’s wrong. Haiyama mentions Yuugi saw him during “feeding time”. Then Haiyama remembers Yuugi giving him a Digital Pet. He takes it out and throws it to the ground. Yuugi runs towards Haiyama. Haiyama takes his whip and whips Yuugi with it. Yuugi falls into a bunch of boxes. Haiyama thinks Yuugi is completely useless. Honda charges towards Haiyama. Haiyama aims his whip at Honda but misses. On the third time, Honda gets hit and falls. The effects of staying up all night suddenly hit Honda. He becomes very tired and falls to sleep.

Haiyama calls out for Honda but receives no response. So Haiyama says he wants Honda to be his pet, that’s why he was calling out for him. Honda hears this and tries to get up. Haiyama makes more fun of Honda, and he eventually whips off a piece of Miho’s clothing. Honda gets up and says he’ll never forgive Haiyama. Haiyama says Honda shouldn’t look at his master like that. He whips Honda some more, and Honda falls once again. Haiyama thinks it will be interesting to raise a resistant pet.

Suddenly, a glowing light appears. Haiyama turns around and sees Yuugi (although it’s really Yami Yuugi). Yuugi says it’s game time. He asks Haiyama to have their pets fight each other. Yuugi picks up the Digital Pet that Haiyama threw to the ground. He links the two pets together. The two pets appear in real life. Haiyama is interested. He orders his pet to eat that “loser”. The two pets exchange attacks at each other, but Haiyama’s pet ends up hitting Yuugi’s pet first. Haiyama laughs. However, Yuugi has complete faith in his pet and knows it can beat Haiyama. The two pets battle it out again. Suddenly, the Digital Pet toys begin to beep. Yuugi is relieved. The data exchange effect is now occurring. The beeping means Yuugi’s pet is about to evolve! And so Yuugi’s pet does evolve. Yuugi’s new pet is a lot stronger now. It punches Haiyama’s pet, and Haiyama’s pet falls to the ground. Haiyama orders for his pet to get up. He whips his pet, but nothing happens. Yuugi says the match is over. Haiyama can’t believe it! He continues to whip his pet. His pet eventually stands up and eats Haiyama. The door of darkness has opened.

In reality, Haiyama is on the ground in complete shock. Yuugi says there’s more to pets than food and whips. Love is needed, and Haiyama is one that never understood that. Miho has been freed the ropes. She and Honda are lying together on the ground. She says, “Let’s go to Australia together… Mama.”

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