Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-92 Mind Game, Part 3

Season 2-92 – Mind Game, Part 3

“Mystery of the Hieratic Text” (古代神官文字の謎)
Aired Japan: January 29, 2002
Aired USA: October 11, 2003

ScreenShot: 92: Mind Game (3) Mai has just summoned The Winged Dragon of Ra, but unfortunately for her, it is locked up in a golden sphere. Marik taunts Mai into using Ra against him. The gang is confused about what the giant ball in the sky is all about. Yugi exclaims that Mai must unlock Ra fast, and Joey agrees. Marik says that he only knows how to tap into the powers of Ra. Kaiba mentions that he will soon be able to control Ra’s unstoppable force. Marik reminds Mai that they are playing a shadow game. As soon as Marik wins, Mai’s mind will be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever! Yugi and Joey gasp. Marik also says that Mai was a fool for thinking she can use The Winged Dragon of Ra. Only those with knowledge of the ancient scriptures can control the power of Ra. Mai thinks Marik is just jealous because she took his best card. Marik tells Mai to try and read the ancient text that is written on the bottom of the card. Mai looks at the card and sees three lines of unreadable text written on the card. But she doesn’t remember seeing that same text when the card was in her hand! Mai wonders if she’s going crazy.

Marik continues to taunt Mai even more. If she can’t read the text, she won’t be able to use Ra! Mai knows that Marik has trapped her. Marik suggests that he read the ancient text and gain control of his Egyptian God card. Mokuba wonders what it says. Kaiba tells Mokuba to use their satellite to take a snapshot of the card and have their computer translate the text. Mokuba, thinking it’s a great idea, heads off to fulfill that task. Kaiba tells himself that he soon will know all the secrets of Ra. Marik tells Mai that she never will be able to decipher the words on the card because it’s written in a special form of hieroglyphics that can only be read by high-ranking individuals. Marik thinks Kaiba could read the text, and Kaiba wonders what Marik means. Marik explains that Pegasus could not read the ancient text, but he knew that those who recited the chant would be able to control the card. So Pegasus wrote the text with a special ink that can only be seen when the card is in play. Mai knows that Marik knew she couldn’t play the card all along.

Marik asks Mai again if she is going to summon Ra. Joey notices that if Mai gets attacked with Ra, the duel is all over. Yugi realizes that Marik planned this whole thing from the beginning. He wanted Mai to take his card! Kaiba thinks the duel is getting interesting. If Mai can’t recite the ancient text, then she cannot use it. When Marik begins his move, he’ll then have a chance to recite the text and take control of Ra. Then, when the words are spoken, The Winged Dragon of Ra will unlock itself from the sphere. Marik tells Mai that time is running out. He reminds her that she has no other monsters on the field. So, when Marik takes control of Ra, he can attack and wipe out the rest of Mai’s life points. Mai decides to place a card face down and end. Her card is Gravity Bind, which prevents powerful monsters from attacking. So, if Marik decides to attack with Holding Arms or his Egyptian God card, she will be ready.

Marik begins his move. He draws and summons Holding Legs in attack mode. Marik then activates Holding Legs’ special ability. When it’s summoned, Mai’s face down cards return to her hand. So now Mai can’t use Gravity Bind! Marik also states that Holding Legs has another special ability. When Holding Legs and Holding Arms are on the field together, they call forth the Sacred Stone of Ota. A huge stone tablet rises behind Mai. Marik then orders Holding Arms and Holding Legs to seize her. The two monster grab a hold of Mai’s arms and legs and pin her to the stone tablet. Mai tries to struggle free. She shouts out that she can’t move, so what kind of hologram is this? Marik reminds her that they are playing a shadow game, so whatever happens is real. The two monsters attack and drain 1300 life points from Mai. She is now down to her last 800 points. Joey asks Mai if she’s all right. Mai still doesn’t recognize Joey’s voice, but she knows that it sounds familiar. Marik laughs and shouts out that her friends are gone. Yugi tries to intrude again, but Marik tells him to back off. Things are just getting interesting because it’s time to awaken The Winged Dragon of Ra!

Great Beast of the sky
Please hear my cry
Transform thyself of orb and light
And bring me victory in this fight

Marik begins to recite the ancient chant. It is as follows:

Envelop the deserts within your glow
And cast your rage upon my foe
Unlock your powers from deep within
So that together we may win
Appear in this shadow game as I call your name
Winged Dragon of Ra!

At this point, Joey notices the golden sphere beginning to open. Yugi says that Marik’s chant is awakening the Egyptian God monster. Now the beast belongs to him! Kaiba stares in awe as the beast begins to take form.

The dragon finally awakens fully and roars. Marik says that it’s now time to end this duel. With 5400 attack points, The Winged Dragon of Ra has than enough attack strength to wipe out the rest of Mai’s life points. Yugi fears that if The Winged Dragon of Ra attacks, Mai will be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever. Mai stares helplessly at her doom. Joey tells Yugi that they have to stop this.

Yugi tells Marik to leave Mai alone, since Marik’s grudge is against him and not her. Marik admits that to be true, but he’s just having a little fun. Marik says there’s nothing more he loves to do than to toy with someone’s mind. This makes Yugi even angrier, but Marik assures him that they will duel soon enough. After all, Marik has had to carry the ancient scriptures on his back, revealing the secret to the Pharaoh’s power. For generations, the Ishtar family has had to wait hopelessly for the Pharaoh’s return. However, Marik doesn’t want to waste his life doing this when he has the secret to become Pharaoh himself! Yugi says that he has to figure out what is written on Marik’s back. Marik says that he has been destined for greatness. He just needs to gather the right pieces to get it. Yugi exclaims that this madness has to stop. Marik replies that this madness has only begun. Toying with Mai’s mind is only practice!

Marik states that this shadow game is almost over, and he laughs. It’s time to trap Mai’s mind in the shadows forever. Joey runs off, realizing that he has to do something. He tells Roland to stop the duel. Roland refuses, so Joey runs on top of the dueling platform to save Mai. Mai thinks it’s all over for her. Marik raises his Millennium Rod and orders The Winged Dragon of Ra to attack. Meanwhile, Joey runs up to Mai and assures her that she will be all right. Mai still doesn’t recognize that voice. Marik grins and tells himself that Mai will never remember Joey. Joey tries to release the handcuffs from Mai’s wrists, but they do not budge. Mai asks who’s there. She says that Joey sounds so familiar to her, like an old friend. Joey tells Mai that she’s got to remember him. He tells Mai to stare deep into his eyes. Mai says, “Joey?” Joey says that he won’t let anything bad happen to her because they are friends.

Meanwhile, The Winged Dragon of Ra continues to charge up for its direct attack.

ScreenShot: 92: Mind Game (3)Joey tells Mai that he has something to tell her, something he should have said a long time ago. Joey tells her about the dream he had when he was left unconscious. He tells her that she was in his dream, even though he lied to her. Joey apologizes. Soon, Mai remembers Joey and his face appears in front of her. Marik is furious at the fact that Joey broke his spell. However, he’s not too worried because The Winged Dragon of Ra will just destroy them both. Mai tells Joey to get her out of these chains. Joey is happy to have his friend back. He tries to yank the chains off of Mai, but they are sealed to the tablet tightly. Mai is glad that Joey thinks of her as a friend after all.

The Winged Dragon of Ra is almost done charging up for the attack. Mai tells Joey to just go and leave her. Joey refuses to leave. Marik orders his Egyptian God monster to destroy them both. Ra unleashes its attack at Joey and Mai. Joey tells Mai that he’s staying with her, and Mai says, “Thank you.” Joey promises that Mai will be safe, and he never has broken a promise to a friend. Just before Ra’s attack can hit Joey and Mai, Yugi runs in and takes the hit instead. Marik laughs, thinking he will destroy Yugi sooner than he thought. Yugi shouts to Marik that he will protect everyone from his attack. Marik doubts it, since no one can stop the attack of the greatest creature that walked the earth! When the attack comes to an end, Yugi collapses.

Marik orders Roland to announce him as the winner. Roland holds up his hand and states Marik Ishtar as the winner of the duel. The Winged Dragon of Ra and the stone tablet that confined Mai disappear. Joey and Mai run over to Yugi to make sure he’s okay. Marik walks to all three of them. He says that he should send Yugi to the Shadow Realm right now. Joey tries to defend Yugi, but Marik tells him to relax. He still needs Yugi after all. However, Joey isn’t so fortunate. Marik decides to teach Joey a lesson by freezing him in his place. That will teach him not to meddle in a duel when not invited! Mai demands to know what Marik did to Joey. Marik tells her not to worry, but there’s still important matters to discuss. First of all, Marik wants his Egyptian God card back. Then, he reminds Mai of the agreement they had: if Mai lost, she would be sent to the Shadow Realm. So, Marik points his Millennium Rod at Mai and sends her mind into the Shadow Realm.

Mai finds herself trapped in an hourglass near the beach. The gang is having lots of fun in the water. Mai calls out to her friends for help, but they don’t respond to her. Marik, who is beside her, tells her that they can’t hear her at all. He says that Mai is in a living nightmare. She will be completely alone for the rest of eternity, and her friends will disappear from her mind one by one. And there’s one last thing – he’s taking back his Egyptian God card. Marik removes the card from the part of the hourglass that separates the two sides. As soon as he removes it, sand begins to fall on Mai’s body. Mai screams in horror. She sees Joey disappear from her mind and cries out for him to come back.

Back at the dueling arena, Mai collapses to the ground. Joey demands to know what Marik did to her. Marik says that Mai made a costly mistake by dueling him. Now she’s paying the ultimate price! Marik points out her motionless appearance. That’s because her mind is trapped. Marik says that by each passing second, the shadows are taking away everything from her – her family, friends, and everything inside her heart. Joey tells Marik that he’s gone too far, and he threatens to fight him. Marik says that he’ll meet the same fate if he does. Serenity tells Joey to just let it go, and Duke agrees. Marik begins to walk away, saying that he feels his power growing with each mind he sends to the Shadow Realm.

The gang surrounds Yugi and Mai. Joey promises to Mai that he will get her out of this mess. Téa mentions that Yugi is waking up. Yugi says that he’s fine, but he asks if Joey and Mai are all right. Joey says that he’s fine, but Mai isn’t looking too good. He says that Marik used his Millennium Rod to trap Mai’s mind. Kaiba receives a call from Mokuba, who has the image of The Winged Dragon of Ra up on the computer screen. Mokuba reports that there’s more written on the card than just the chant. He plans to decode the text right now. Kaiba says that they need to find all the secrets about the card. Then Kaiba orders everyone to clear the field. It’s his turn to duel, and he needs to prepare himself for the next duel.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Gravity Bind – Trap

Holding Arms – 500/0
Holding Legs – 800/600
The Winged Dragon of Ra – ????/????


Mind Game, Part 3

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