Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-93 A Duel With Destiny, Part 1

Season 2-93 – A Duel With Destiny, Part 1

“Kaiba Vs. The 8th Duelist” (海馬vs8人目のデュエリスト)
Aired Japan: February 5, 2002
Aired USA: October 18, 2003

ScreenShot: 93: A Duel With Destiny (1) Mai has been placed in her bed. The gang crowds around her, and they all worry about Mai. Joey says that the tournament has gone way out of hand. Duke agrees, saying that there’s a mind-warping psycho on board. The gang gives a glare at Duke, and Duke says that he’s just being honest. Serenity tells her friends to go watch the next duel while she watches over Mai. Joey tells Serenity to hold on, but Serenity insists that they go out and be strong for Mai. She says that everyone has helped her be brave and face her fears, including Mai. The way that Mai stood up to Marik was just amazing. Now Serenity wants to help out, and she can start by staying with Mai. Tristan applauds her nice speech, and Joey is finally convinced that she can do it.

Everyone meets at the dueling arena. Roland announces that as soon as the eighth duelist arrives, the duel can begin. Tristan wonders who this eighth duelist is. Yugi hopes the duelist isn’t working for Marik. Kaiba tells himself that his Egyptian God card will crush the eighth duelist. Suddenly, Kaiba gets a call from Mokuba. Mokuba reports that The Winged Dragon of Ra has been successfully loaded in to the main frame and that the network is currently translating the card. Kaiba tells Mokuba to report back when the network has finished translating the card.

Roland announces that if the eighth duelist doesn’t show up in the next five minutes, Kaiba will declared the winner. Kaiba loads his deck into his duel disk and makes his way up to the platform. Yugi tries to tell Kaiba something, but Kaiba cuts him off and firmly states that his tournament stops for no one. He refuses to land the blimp and bring Mai to a hospital. When Kaiba steps into the arena, he tells himself that soon Marik’s Egyptian God card will be his. Then Kaiba notices that his opponent still hasn’t arrived yet. Winning this duel will be easier than he thought!

Suddenly, the elevator doors open. The eighth duelist has arrived! Roland announces that this duel will take place. He tries to announce the duelists’ names, but he doesn’t know the name of the eighth duelist. Kaiba tells the eighth duelist that she has some nerve showing up late. Was she scared, or did the thought of dueling Kaiba make her second guess her own abilities? Kaiba demands to know who she is. The eighth duelist takes off her scarf. Yugi is shocked to see who it is. Roland asks for the eighth duelist’s name. The eighth duelist introduces herself as Ishizu Ishtar. The good Marik tries to call out for his sister, but the evil Marik tells him to stay out of his way. Téa tells Yugi that she’s the same woman they met at the museum. Yugi remembers her and her Millennium Necklace. Kaiba also recognizes Ishizu. He asks if she has come back to take Obelisk the Tormentor. Ishizu says that she has come back to save her brother Marik. For 5000 years, an Ishtar has guarded the Pharaoh’s tomb; however, Marik turned his back against his family, and the evil within him grew stronger. Joey says one Ishtar is bad enough. Who needs two? Tristan thinks she can’t be any worse than Marik, and Duke agrees. Ishizu knows that there is still good buried inside her brother. The good Marik tries to call out for Ishizu again. This time, the evil Marik seals his other half away in a glass pyramid inside the Shadow Realm.

Ishizu tells Kaiba that her Millennium Necklace allows her to see the future. Right now, it’s telling her that he will lose this duel. Kaiba says enough with the Millennium items! He doesn’t believe in that nonsense. Kaiba adds in that just because Ishizu gave him Obelisk doesn’t mean he won’t use it against her. He made this tournament for one purpose: to gather all three Egyptian God cards. Ishizu says the tournament was her idea. Her plan was to lure duelists like Marik, and her plan worked. However, the harder task has yet to come. The evil in Marik must be stopped, and the Pharaoh is the only one capable of doing that. That is why Yugi must have entered this tournament as well, for the Pharaoh dwells within Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle. Kaiba keeps on saying that he doesn’t believe in the Egyptian fairy tales. Ishizu tells Kaiba not to deny his heritage. He also can trace his origins back to ancient Egypt. Kaiba says he’s heard enough and that he’s a far better duelist than Ishizu, regardless of what she and her brother believe. Kaiba says Ishizu made two mistakes. One was handing him Obelisk and the other is expecting it back. He plans to keep Obelisk and win the other two Egyptian God cards. Then he will have the most powerful deck ever. Kaiba orders Roland to begin the duel at once.

The duel begins and Kaiba goes first. Ishizu’s Millennium Necklace predicts Kaiba’s lack of faith will be his downfall. Kaiba draws and summons Vorse Raider in attack mode. Ishizu predicts Kaiba will place a card face down. Kaiba then places one card face down and ends his turn. Ishizu tells Kaiba that her Millennium Necklace can predict his every move. Yugi knows that Kaiba is a skilled duelist, but he’s no match for a Millennium item. There’s no way he can win!

Meanwhile, Mokuba continues to work with translating the card. He’s having a bit of trouble because the network can’t translate the last line of text on the card.

With her eyes closed, Ishizu draws and summons Keldo in defense mode. Joey is surprised by the fact that Ishizu didn’t even look at the card. Yugi says that her Millennium Necklace shows her events before they occur. Téa exclaims that Ishizu knows everything that will happen before it happens! Joey recalls Espa Roba using the same trick on him. Yugi assures Joey that this is not a trick; her power is very real. Marik makes a note that his sister’s power does have its limits though. After Ishizu summons her monster, she activates the Magic card, Michizure of Doom. Kaiba begins to worry because that card allows Ishizu to take two cards from his hand and discard them. But Kaiba gets to do the same to Ishizu’s hand. Ishizu closes her eyes and chooses Polymerization and Kaiser Glider. Kaiba wonders how she knew what cards he was holding, unless she is cheating. Kaiba orders Ishizu to show him her hand. Ishizu holds up her hand to Kaiba. Kaiba tells Ishizu to discard Revival Magic and Monster Reborn. Ishizu does so and ends her turn.

Marik remembers Ishizu’s dueling strategies very well. She may have defeated him when he was a weak child, but now Ishizu doesn’t stand a chance against him! Marik mentally tells Ishizu that she will never defeat him. Ishizu knows Marik is wrong because she believes there is still good inside of Marik. She promises in the name of the Tombkeepers that her brother will be saved. Marik says that his good side has been getting in his way, so it’s time to banish him away. The good Marik cries out for his sister as he disappears.

Kaiba says it’s time to see which is stronger: her tricks or his skills? He orders Vorse Raider to attack Keldo. Vorse Raider attacks and destroys Keldo. Kaiba says that if Ishizu had been paying more attention to the duel, she wouldn’t be losing. Ishizu tells Kaiba that he still doesn’t get it. She knows the exact cards he will play before he plays them. She also knows how Kaiba will lose. Kaiba doesn’t know what kind of idiot Ishizu thinks he is. He thinks he has the perfect plan. He holds out the Shrink card in his hand. With that and his face down card, Crush Card Virus, he can put a hole in Ishizu’s deck. Ishizu won’t know what hit her until it’s too late! Joey thinks it will still be a tough duel. Ishizu may be able to see the future, but Kaiba has an Egyptian God card. Kaiba places another card face down and ends.

Ishizu expected him to do that. She draws a powerful Trap card. Kaiba thinks Ishizu will never expect his next move. Ishizu summons Mudora in attack mode. She then gazes into her Millennium Necklace to ensure her victory. The Millennium Necklace tells her that Kaiba will try to win with Obelisk the Tormentor, but Obelisk will fall, causing her to win the duel. Kaiba tells her to hurry up and make a move. The less he has to hear about her insane brother, the better. Ishizu says Kaiba will regret insulting her family. However, Marik doesn’t blame Kaiba. He too is growing tired of Ishizu’s speech. Ishizu plays a Magic card, Swords of Dogra. It increases Mudora’s attack by 500 points, making it stronger than Vorse Raider. Mudora attacks, and Kaiba activates his face down cards. He uses Shrink to cut his monster’s attack points in half, and then he uses Crush Card Virus to eliminate every powerful monster in Ishizu’s deck.

Joey exclaims that Kaiba’s move was brutal. If he were Ishizu, he’d trade in that Millennium Necklace for a crystal ball or something. Yugi thinks Joey is right. If she can see the future, why did she not stop the move? Kaiba laughs and states that all monsters in Ishizu’s deck with over 1500 attack points goes to the graveyard. Ishizu discards her cards and says she doesn’t need a powerful monster to defeat him. She plays the Magic card, Swords of Revealing Light to stop Kaiba’s monsters from attacking. Kaiba thinks Ishizu is just stalling, but Ishizu says fate dictates their moves. Kaiba replies that as soon as her Swords of Revealing Light disappear, he will use his Egyptian God card to crush her. Ishizu places one card face down and ends her turn.

ScreenShot: 93: A Duel With Destiny (1)Kaiba notices Virus Cannon in his hand, thinking it’s perfect. When he plays it, Ishizu won’t know what hit her! Marik thinks watching Ishizu toy with Kaiba is quite amusing. He always knew she had a dark side. Kaiba draws and summons Dark Gremlin in defense mode. Then he places Virus Cannon face down and ends. Ishizu draws a Trap card but states she doesn’t need it yet. So she ends without doing anything. Kaiba finds it sad how Ishizu stopped him from attacking for three turns, yet she isn’t doing anything to destroy him. Ishizu says Kaiba will draw the card that will lead to his destruction in two turns. Kaiba laughs, thinking Ishizu is more insane than he initally thought! He claims Duel Monsters is about skill and power, not fairy tales and fate. Kaiba draws and saves the card.

Meanwhile, Mokuba notices that the translator is working again. Soon he and his brother will know all the secrets about The Winged Dragon of Ra.

Back at the duel, Ishizu draws a card and ends. Kaiba says Ishizu has done nothing but stall. As soon as Swords of Revealing Light wears off, he will crush her with his monsters. Ishizu predicts Kaiba will pass in his next turn. Kaiba draws and says Ishizu is right. He passes. Ishizu draws a Trap card, Sacrifice’s Blast. She says that this card will seal his fate next turn. Her Millennium Necklace was indeed correct. Kaiba tells Ishizu she has failed to summon a single monster during the three turns. The Swords of Revealing Light disappear, and Kaiba is now free to attack.

Kaiba places his fingers on his deck states that it’s now time to destroy Ishizu with the same card she gave him. He remembers his time with Ishizu back at the museum. Ishizu has shown Kaiba the stone tablet and introduces him to the three Egyptian God cards. Pegasus couldn’t control these monsters because they threatened to destroy him. The Rare Hunters went out to steal these powerful cards, but they couldn’t get their hands on all three. She hands Kaiba Obelisk the Tormentor. Back at the duel, Kaiba says that it’s all over. Ishizu will regret giving him an Egyptian God card because he will now destroy her with it. Kaiba draws his Egyptian God card, but before he plays it, he has Dark Gremlin attack Ishizu’s life points. Her life points drop to 2400. Kaiba tells Ishizu that Dark Gremlin is the least of her worries because he now plans to destroy her with his Egyptian God card. Ishizu tells Kaiba to use Obelisk and he’ll be destroyed! Kaiba says Ishizu is wrong, for the end is here!

These are the cards used in this episode.

Vorse Raider – 1900/1200
Shrink – Magic
Crush Card Virus – Trap
Dark Gremlin – 1600/1800

Keldo – 1200/1600
Michizure of Doom – Magic
Mudora – 1500/1800
Sword of Dogra – Magic
Swords of Revealing Light – Magic


A Duel With Destiny, Part 1

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